Nirere Shanel Teams Up with Ivorian Band to Rally Rwandans Behind Paul Kagame

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:2/07/2024 17:47
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Rwandan singer Nirere Shanel, known for hits like "Atura," has returned to the spotlight with a new anthem encouraging Rwandans to continue supporting President Paul Kagame, citing transformative achievements under his leadership.

In a recent interview with InyaRwanda, Shanel expressed her inspiration for the song, reflecting on Rwanda's journey over the past three decades of progress and unity.

"This song reflects our achievements in the last thirty years, celebrating our unity as Rwandans," Shanel emphasized, highlighting Kagame's pivotal role and vision.

The release coincides with President Kagame's upcoming presidential election on July 15, 2024. Shanel described her song as a rallying cry for Rwandans to support "the leader who has led us through so much."

"This song is about what we have achieved in the last thirty years, emphasizing our unity as Rwandans, and the resilience that drives us forward," she added passionately.

Produced in collaboration with Afrotronixx Entertainment, alongside the band Madebeats from Côte d'Ivoire, the song underscores Shanel's commitment to pan-African collaboration and her dedication to artistic excellence.

Speaking of her collaboration with Madebeats, Shanel noted, "Working with Madebeats in the UK has been incredibly inspiring, showing that what matters is not just what meets the eye but also what lies within us all."

Shanel's new release aims to inspire Rwandans to reflect on their journey and the leadership that continues to guide their progress.

Nirere Shanel releases song urging Rwandans to support Paul Kagame

Nirere collaborated with Afrotronixx Entertainment, praising their expertise