RSS feed - INYARWANDA.COMhttps://eng.inyarwanda.comEntertainment and Peopleen-usCopyright (C) 2022 - Inyarwanda.comKarim Benzema, who was injured, could return to the World Cup Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema could still return to Qatar and play for the French national team if he manages to recover in time from the injury, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Brazil’s world cup star Neymar was injured again last night Brazil has started their 2022 FIFA World Cup campaign in fine form, with a 2-0 win over Serbia on Thursday — but there is a looming big worry for the Selecao, after an injury to star attacker Neymar., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Cristiano Ronaldo has been suspended for two games due to breaking a fan’s phonePortugal player Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently split from Manchester United, was suspended 2 games in the UK, due to breaking a fan's phone., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200MTN Rwanda and Bank of Kigali partner to launch Macye Macye (MTN Device Financing)MTN Rwanda, in collaboration with the Bank of Kigali, today announced the launch of;Macye Macye’, which is a Device Financing program that will be funded by the Bank of Kigali and will allow MTN Rwanda customers to purchase smartphones and tablets on credit from any MTN Service center, franchisee shop, or other retail distribution points., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200World cup: Mukansanga Salima the first Rwandan official debuting in the world cup Ms. Mukanza Salima was once again praised and featured in the hearts of many, after last night as the first African woman to be refereeing in the final of the World Cup., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Zuchu has confirmed her relationship with Diamond Platnumz who is coming to Kigali soon After months of denying that there is a love affair between Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz and continuing to be critical and denied it, the singer has now admitted that they are in love., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200MTN Rwanda receives Award for Best Large Taxpayer for the year 2021MTN Rwanda was among seven corporates who received the Best Large Taxpayer 2021 award from the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), during an event that marked the 20th Taxpayer Appreciation Day at the Kigali Convection Centre., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200East Africa’s top crooner Mbosso releases ‘KHAN’ Debut EP King of bongo love music premiers his debut ep ‘khan’, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Will Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas Go See her on tour There's been so much buzz around Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour that even Joe Jonas is trying to score tickets for himself and wife Sophie Turner. See what the Jonas Brothers singer had to say., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Donald Trump's daughter has announced she will not support his father in the 2024 electionDonald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump has announced that she will not support her father in the 2024 election, after announcing that he will run for president of the United States. Ivanka Trump has announced that she will not support her father in the 2024 election, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200The second in Uganda: Eddy Kenzo among the nominees for the Grammy Awards 2023Eddy Kenzo is now the second Ugandan artist to be nominated for the Grammy Awards which is going to be awarded for the 65th time., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Donald Trump has announced that he is running for president of the United StatesFormer US President Donald Trump has announced his bid to run for the country president again in the 2024 election., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Things you should know about the trophy that’s given in the world cup The trophy that’s given to a national team that has won among all the other teams, it’s amazingly done and costly, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Manchester City fans persuaded Guardiola to give Haaland his daughter Maria Manchester City midfielder Erling Haaland has no girlfriend, and now Manchester City fans persuaded Pep Guardiola to give him his daughter to be his girlfriend., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Uganda: Bruce Melodie attends Eddy Kenzo Festival, where tickets are 5 million Artist Bruce Melodie has already arrived in Uganda, where he is going to sing at the “Eddy Kenzo Festival” organized by his colleague Edrisah Musuuza [Eddy Kenzo]., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Kigali: A man bet 200FRW and won 24 million RWF in FORTEBETThe extraordinary lucky winner won 24 million RWF, where he had invested only two hundred coins in the FORTEBET Company Games, rejoicing that his life is changed., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200MTN Rwanda and Rwanda Union of the Blind host inaugural ‘Dinner in the Dark’ MTN Rwanda and Rwanda Union of the Blind host the inaugural ‘Dinner in the Dark’ to raise awareness and drum up support for the blind, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200The 974 stadium was built in containers and will be destroyed after the World CupStadium 974 is one of the 8 World Cup hosts in Qatar which will start on the 20th of this month., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Senegal star Sadio Mane will not play in this year's World CupSenegal and Bayern Munich national team player Sadio Mane will not play this year's World Cup in Qatar, due to his injuries on Tuesday night., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Mashariki African Film Festival welcomes young creators Los Angeles & Kigali, 31 October | The Rwanda Film Office and the organizers of MASHARIKI AFRICAN FILM FESTIVAL and DISCOP Kigali Join forces to welcome young creators for a 3-day immersion program to be hosted from 29 November to 1 December at the Kigali Convention Center., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Sitting Volleyball: Rwanda gets a ticket to 1/4 and set up a pledge The National Basketball Volleyball Team in Women, which won a 1/4 ticket to the World Championships without any losing, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Rihanna revealed why she didn't show her baby for nearly 8 monthsRihanna, who gave birth to her eldest son with A$AP Rocky for nearly 8 months, has announced why she has not yet shown him or his name., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Bralirwa PLC introduces Coca-Cola brand ambassadors during the FIFA world cup 2022 As anticipation builds for the November kick-off of the FIFA World Cup 2022TM in Qatar, Bralirwa PLC through its leading Soft Drinks brand Coca-Cola will be celebrating the passionate journey of football fans through the “Believing is Magic” global campaign., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200UNDP and EU partner with Norrsken for Youth EntrepreneurshipKigali, 4th November 2022 - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Rwanda and Norrsken have signed a 1-year agreement to empower youth-led SMEs in Rwanda for the Youth to benefit from business mentorship services., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200PRIMUS yacu iwacu has launched a new program for people PRIMUS yacu iwacu is a program to celebrate Primus' drink that was also made in Rwanda before all others. It is appreciated that its original taste reaches the Rwandans., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200A Kenyan comedian, MCA Trick has decided to perform in RwandaKenyan Francis Munyao, popularly known as the 'MCA Trick' in comedy and party management, has confirmed that he is going to perform in Kigali, calling on comedy fans to attend the Iwacu Comedy concert sponsored by FORTEBET., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Kenya sent troops to Congo to fight M23On Wednesday, Kenya sent troops to the DRC to help the country's army deal with the M23 group, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Elon Musk announced the price for 'Blue Tick' on TwitterElon Musk, who recently bought Twitter, has already set a price for those who want ‘Blue Tick’ they will be paying monthly., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Mushikiwabo, Paula, Tiwa Savage, and Kansiime among 100 African most influential women Four women, Louise Sister, Dr. Agnes Kalibata, Monique Nsanzabamwa and Minister Ingabire Paula, have been released on the list of 100 African women, including celebrities in various countries., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Davido lost his 3-year-old sonArtist Davido lost a 3-year-old child named Efeanyi Adeleke. The child is said to have drowned in a swimming pool., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Gordon, who led Sony Music, is in Kigali, where he is planning to expand his operationsGordon William, known as 'Commissioner Gordon' in American entertainment, is in Kigali, Rwanda, where he plans to invest in entertainment., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200The Pains We Don’t Speak: A Letter to the Youth “I am bent, but not broken. I am scarred, but not disfigured. I am sad, but not hopeless. I am tired, but not powerless. I am angry, but not bitter. I am depressed, but not giving up.” — Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Rihanna and ASAP Rocky at the Black Panther 2 premium Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Walk First Red Carpet as Parents at 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' Premiere, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Rihanna is going to release a new song of use in Black Panther 2 after six years After 6 years of not doing music, Rihanna will release a new song that will be used in the film Black Panther the second part of which was renamed 'Wakanda Forever., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Ronaldo bought the first expensive house in PortugalCristiano Ronaldo and his wife Georgina Rodriguez bought the first expensive house in Portugal which is a good sign of going back home, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Lil Nas X revealed what prevented him from attending Beyonce's invitation that he takes as a modelArtist Lil Nas X announced what prevented him from attending Beyonce's invitation to invite him to a major event she recently held., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Elon Musk plans to lay off 5,600 Twitter employees after buying itIt has been reported that the wealthy Elon Musk plans to fire about 5,600 Twitter employees, after buying it into his own., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200USA: Actor Leslie Jordan died in a car accidentAt the age of 67, Leslie Jordan, who was famous for his film career died in a serious car accident., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Highlights of the meeting of the RPF Political Bureau chaired by President KagameOn Friday, October 21, 2022 and Saturday, October 22, 2022, President Paul Kagame and Chairman of the RPF Inkotanyi, lead the RPF Intokotanyi Political Bureau meeting, attended by leaders at various levels, religious, private and other., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200King Charles put on the market the horses inherited by Queen Elizabeth who recently passed away King Charles III has already put on the market 14 horses inherited from mother Elizabeth II., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Travis Scott refused what’s being said that he cheated on Kylie Jenna the mother of his two children Travis Scott refused what’s being said that he cheated on Kylie with another model, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Rwanda marks 60th anniversary of membership in the United NationsIt’s the 60th anniversary for Rwanda’s membership in the United nations with a theme, “partnering for a better shared future for all”, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Know who Jeffrey Dahmer is: The serial killer and sex offenderIn addition to the American Theodore Robert Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Zodiac Killer and others; he is also one of the most famous of the most memorable murderers in World History for his cruelty., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Burna Boy started cannabis business in the United StatesMusic celebrity artist Burna Boy has already started cannabis business in the United States., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Important visitors and journalists tested Heineken in the ‘afterwork rooftop mixes’The BRALIRWA factory for soft and alcoholic beverages in Rwanda has shared a drink of Heineken to its main customers and journalists invited to a ceremony with DJ Marnaud as a disc joker, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Things could go wrong with FC Barcelona if it doesn’t make it to ¼ of the Champions LeagueFC Barcelona is in the middle of a situaion in the UEFA Champions League, where he is third in the third group with 4 points in 4 games already played., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Mobile money has now released a self reversal option Mobile money Rwanda ltd has today unveiled MoMo self reversal option, a feature that will enable Mobile Money customers to instantly reverse money to avoid cash-out by a wrong recipient., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200Kanye West in the love affair with Juliana Nalu with 21 years age gap rapper Kanye West is in the love affair with model Juliana Nalu, where there is an age gap of 21 years between them, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200I'm glad I'm alive: Selena Gomez cried talking about the depression she had Selena Gomez shed tears as she spoke of the war against the tragic disease she had faced, which will appear in a collection film she made that will cut off on Apple TV+, called "My Mind & Me"., 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200President Kagame finds that Parliament does not achieve the responsibilities without involvement of womenPresident Paul Kagame has demonstrated the ability of women to build a country, saying that members of Parliament do not achieve their responsibilities without involvement of women, 01 Jan 1970 02:00:00 +0200;