#Kwibohora30: Our Value is Untouchable - President Paul Kagame

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:4/07/2024 14:39
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In a grand ceremony celebrating 30 years since Rwanda's Liberation Day and the end of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, President Paul Kagame delivered a poignant message to Rwandans, emphasizing their intrinsic value and asserting that it is irremovable.

Speaking at Amahoro Stadium on Thursday, July 4th, 2024, the President Kagame addressed thousands of attendees, with many more following the event via television and digital platforms. In his speech, he highlighted the inherent worth of Rwandans, stating, "The value that Rwandans possess lies within us. No one, and nothing, can take that away from us."

President Kagame underscored the significance of the liberation struggle, which aimed to build a nation where everyone has value, with citizens always being the top priority in government initiatives. He acknowledged the progress made towards this goal but reminded everyone to stay vigilant.

Touching on the topic of security, President Kagame assured the nation of its safety, stating, "Our country is secure and will remain so no matter what. The unique value of Rwanda is appreciated more with each passing day. We have overcome all forms of prejudice and misconceptions about Rwandans."

In his motivational message, President Kagame urged Rwandans to take responsibility for their country's protection and continued growth, saying, "This country is yours to guard and defend, ensuring its ongoing development. True liberation begins when the sounds of guns have faded or are no longer present."

President Kagame marks Rwanda's 30 years of Liberation Anniversary

Thousands of Rwandans attend the grand #Kwibohora30 celebration