Ashimwe Michelle will represent Rwanda in Miss Heritage Global

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:25/08/2023 14:06
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Ashimwe Michelle who competed in Miss Rwanda 2022, announced that she is ready to win the crown in Miss Heritage Global where she will represent Rwanda.

The contest she is going to participate in is an international one based on cultural diversity through the power of women to show this diversity.

Each participating girl represents the culture of her country. But in this competition there are other sections which include cooking, painting and fashion. The one who beats the others in these sections wins the competition.

Michelle told InyaRwanda that participating in Miss Rwanda 2022 helped her because she is going to visit Rwanda in Miss Global Heritage.

He said that in Miss Rwanda 2022 he met the girl who has the crown of Miss Global Heritage 2022, they talked and told him a lot about this competition.

"You see, I was happy and I was curious, I asked more about the contest because I usually like things related to some of them and I heard about it, so when I saw that there is a contest, I asked how it is and when the next one will be held."

Michelle said that due to the cancellation of beauty pageants in Rwanda, she was asked to speak to the organizers of the pageant, and then compete with her friends through social media.

She said she had been with other women since March 2023, who registered online. In May 2023, the list of winners was released and he was the winner.

This girl says that it was fun to hunt her friends and it gave her the opportunity to visit Rwanda.

On September 14, 2022, she will travel to South Africa to compete with other girls. It is on September 23, 2023 that the crowned girl will be announced.

Michelle told InyaRwanda that she is ready to represent Rwanda well. He said, “I am ready to represent Rwanda well when I leave, with the continued support of Rwandans and everything else I need. Because I need something, I have to ask for a country. So I'm well prepared, I understand the requirements of the competition, according to the 'Videos' of others I've seen, I'm well prepared."

This girl says that this is not the first time she has participated in the competition, that is why she is not afraid to compete in this competition and win the crown.

He said “I believe it! Because I am well prepared and looking at the times that have passed, Rwanda has been behaving well, which gives confidence."

So far the girls have competed in the voting stage. Michelle claims that she is the 10th most vocal girl in the world, competing with girls from 50 countries.

This girl asks Rwandans to continue voting for her, because voting is free through Facebook.

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Ashimwe Michelle announced that she is happy that she is going to represent Rwanda in Miss Global Heritage

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