Water is evidenced to be more important to the body

Author: InyaRwanda
On:14/05/2023 9:45
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Water is made up of different components that are more important to the body. Once you take it, you will be healthy. Since the body is made up of water about 60% or 50%, it is good to take it daily.

There is no recommendation of how much water you should take, but there is the recommendation for daily fluid intake in the body which can come from water or other beverages .

The health experts recommend that you have to take 80% of the beverages since the food in a day gives about 20%. The reason as to why you should take a lot of water is that through the entire day the fluids in the body decrease on a high level through sweating , urination, faces and respiration

Through the ‘Health magazine’ they explain more well benefits of taking water to the body. these includes; The help of body temperature regulation, the protection of the tissue in the body , it helps to remove the urine through urination , sweat and bowel movement.

Taking water daily also is more beneficial since it reduces the more risks of type 2 diabetes, it helps in management of weight, prevents constipation. the water you take promotes skin hydration, optimise exercise capabilities and also prevents heart failure .

The health experts stick on when you can increase the level of the water you take per day. Mostly they explain that when you’re sick the body becomes more dry every time so this needs you to increase the level of the water you take per day.

Also when you make more exercises the body loses the fluids than someone who is less active so you need more water to add other fluids.

Also if you are breast feeding you will need more water than the normal one , when you are pregnant also need to take as much as 96 ouches of water a day. Not only will this extra water aid in digestion, but it will also help to form the amniotic fluid around your baby.

There are some signs you will face once you stop taking water, when you loose more fluids than the water you take it will lead your body to be dehydrated and this may lead you to heart rate (tachycardia) the symptom soft dehydration can include feeling very thirsty, having dry mouth , urinating and sweating less than usual .

Health experts encourage each and every one to take water and keep the health life, at least take a cup before taking food 

Water is more healthier

Writer: Patience Muhoza