The Ministry of Trade and Industry is asking retailers to comply with the new prices before being penalized

Author: Nadia Kangabe
On:1/05/2023 12:22
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The Ministry of Trade and Industry is asking traders to comply with the recently established food prices, in order to avoid being penalized for violating those prices.

On April 30, 2023, the Ministry of Commerce conducted an audit on various oaths to ensure that traders comply with the established prices, and that they are used in accordance with the regulations.

It was on April 19 that the ministry issued this announcement showing reduced prices for rice, potatoes and corn flour known as Kawunga. Residents thanked the government for helping them, but some say they are still using the old prices because some traders are still stubborn.

Tubanambabazi Michel told Television Rwanda that the macye rice is corn rice and they buy it for 900 Frw, and he asks that the traders respect the set prices.

Pacific Niyiyina, one of the traders, said that often coins from abroad are more expensive, and the prices are set for coins from the country. This allows buyers to come to know that they are being sold at set prices and ask for a campaign to be made aware of it.

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr Jean Chrysostome Ngabitsinze, when he arrived at some of the centers, indicated that those who do not comply with the set prices will be punished because they have been sufficiently informed that they must immediately comply with these prices.

He said, "First of all, the trader must set the prices and the law, the second is to use EBM, and the third is to avoid cheating and going above the set prices".

The announcement of the Ministry of Trade and Industry shows that after the reduction of value added tax on certain foods, and according to the results of negotiations with traders, new prices have been established.

Maize flour known as kawunga costs 800 rupees per kilo, short grain rice costs 820 per kilo, long grain rice costs 850 per kilo and basem rice costs 1455 per kilo.

These new prices also determine that in the market, potatoes for kinigi cost 460 Frw per kilo, pile potatoes for 440 Frw per kilo, sweet potatoes for 430 Frw per kilo and peko potatoes for 410 Frw per kilo.

In the Rusizi District, consumers say that traders would protect each other's products and not deliver them, while some traders also say that they would lack delivery facilities. Even where they agree to give you the goods, they use old prices.

The administration of this area says that it is going to tighten the control and punish those who are involved. This is when some traders who sell potatoes, yams, and rice decided not to sell them anymore because they said they would go bankrupt due to selling at a low price and ended up at a high price.

Dr Kibiriga Annicet, the District Mayor of Rusizi, warned traders who would do these things against the law, and those who ask to repent because there are fines and punishments they will receive.