Argentina: the world cup champion returns home to a celebrating Buenos Aires

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:20/12/2022 12:01
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Argentina’s world cup winning players arrived home this Tuesday morning to an enormous crowd cheering them

Captain Lionel Messi came off the plane first, holding the gold trophy aloft, followed by his colleagues onto a red carpet at the airport, greeted by reporters, officials, and a live band

As Argentina‚Äôs capital, Buenos Aires has been in celebration mode since their win against France on Sunday in Qatar 

The team bus pulled out from the airport, it was surrounded by applauding fans dressed in the national colors of blue and white. Videos show the bus slowly moving ahead under a police escort, surrounded by tens of thousands of people waving the Argentine flag and firing off nighttime firecrackers.

As the throng sung and danced, the air was filled with applause, and the players, standing on the open top deck, waved to their loving fans.


Argentina's champions were welcomed with a celebrating crowed 

Messi first in line to come out of the plain with the world cup in hand 

source: cnn.com