Lionel Messi may not play in the final of the World Cup

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:16/12/2022 9:33
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Argentina's top national team player Lionel Messi may not play in the final of the World Cup due to an injury

The Argentine national team reached the final of this year's World Cup in Qatar, beating Croatia's national team in 1/2 with 3-0. The 1st goal was scored by Lionel Messi, on a penalty for Julian Alvarez.

Álvarez's 2nd goal was a good ball given by Messi, and the 3rd goal was scored by Álvarez again given the ball by Messi

After Argentina got a ticket to the final game against France they started training hard to prepare for the game, the only bad news for Argentine fans is that Lionel Messi on Thursday did not work with his colleagues on Thursday due to an injury problem, according to ESPN Argentina.

The player, before the second half started playing with Croatia, was spotted touching where his hamstrings are located multiple times but at the end of the game they asked him to say that he felt good, but he was probably the injury he had but fought to help his team help me with Croatia who had expected it to say that winning it was difficult.

This bad news comes a few days ago Lionel Messi confirmed that on Sunday, he would be in the last game of the World Cup to play. Lionel Messi helped the Argentine national team in these World Cup games, as in 6 games, they had already played, he scored 5 goals and gave 3 good balls that became goals.

Messi's injury comes after Angel Di Maria was fighting work and, which is why Scaloni, an Argentine coach, chose not to use him in the 1/2 game.

The Argentine national team will play the French national team, on Sunday in the final game at 5 p.m. As the two teams last met in the 2018 World Cup on 1/8, the French national team defeated the Argentine national team 4-3.