The story behind Ubuntu Women Farmers and one of its new brand ‘Sheila’s honey’ - PHOTOS

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:30/06/2022 20:33
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Ubuntu Women Farmers started in 2017 as a social enterprise that began by selling honey and they have a honey processing facility and eatery with a purpose to support the most vulnerable women living with disability and HIV/AIDS.

This social enterprise helps women with disability and HIV/AIDS by starting them businesses, helping them with health problems paying for their treatments and not only do they help the mothers they also help their kids that also have the same problems of disability and HIV/AIDs.

Jeanne Sheila Uwibona the founder of this enterprise got this idea when she was head of the National Women Council in Kamutwa cell, Kacyiru Sector in Kigali.

Jeanne Sheila Uwibona

They also have a fundraising that will bring together different doctors to help the women and kids with disability and HIV/AIDS considering those with cancer too.

About Sheila’s Honey, Sheila Uwibona told InyaRwanda.com that she produces 12 different types of flavored honey that aren’t popular in Rwanda but are so helpful to our health like cinnamon, ginger, garlic sesames, peanut, chocolate, chilli and so many others they use the honey to prepare food and drinks too.

Uwibona told The New Times in few months ago that she uses 10 per cent of her profits to support disabled women, women living with HIV/AIDS and children who were born with the virus among others.

“I thought of a sustainable business-honey business- that could improve my financial capacity to support such people. I currently produce 12 products of processing honey including pure honey as well as flavored honey infused with Chili, Ginger, Garlic, Moringa, Sesame, Chocolate, tiger nuts, Macadamia, among others,” she said.

Tigernuts flavored honey

Ginger flavored honey

Juice prepared at Sheila's with flavored honey

At Sheila's honey eatery there is also a very good venue were you can find different type of food with an exception where they use the flavored honey to prepare the food

Sheila's honey is located at Gacuriro near great season


Contact Sheila's Honey on this number: 0791449365