KOICA Rwanda Office hosted 2021 KORAA General Assembly

Author: Mupende Gedeon Ndayishimiye
On:22/11/2021 15:41
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Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), which is the aid agency of the Korean government, and KOICA Rwanda Alumni Association (KORAA), which is the association that consists of Rwandan public officers who participated in KOICA’s capacity building program hosted the annual General Assembly together on November 19, 2021 at Ubumwe Grande Hotel, Kigali with more than 80 Rwandan public officials from the Ministry of Public Service and Labor, Rwanda Basic Education Board, Rwanda Polytechnic and any other different government organizations. 

The KORAA General Assembly served as an annual communication platform between KOICA Rwanda Office and KORAA which has more than 700 members. During this annual gathering, more than 80 participants who are working in different sectors and organizations looked back what has happened during this year and discussed ways forward including the election of the new board committee of KORRA, annual plan for 2022 and etc.

In addition, there were special awarding ceremonies held during the event. KOICA Rwanda office and KORRA members donated 500 hand sanitizers, which are equivalent to RWF 3 million, to different institutions including schools, Yego Centers and etc. where Korean volunteers will be dispatched through the KOICA’s volunteer program called World Friends Korea. It was aligned with their continuous contribution to support Rwanda to fight against Covid-19. In April 2021, KORRA members and KOICA Rwanda office already handed over 700 hand sanitizers and 2,000 facial masks, which are equivalent to RWF 8 million, to 31 schools in Rwanda.

The KORAA general assembly was graced by the presence of KOICA Rwanda Office Country Director, Mr Chon Gyong Shik, and he shared his opinion about the importance of KORAA’s contribution to the sustainable development of Rwanda and the close cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Rwanda, “KORRA Members are contributing to the sustainable development of Rwanda by applying their knowledge and experience they acquired from Korea. They are truly a living evidence to show the impact of KOICA’s capacity building program as well as the strong partnership between two countries.”

Apart from the KORRA General Assembly, KORRA and KOICA have conducted different corporate philantrophic activities including knowledge sharing seminars, PPEs donation and etc. in 2021. This general assembly was actually the KORRA’s last activity where members concluded their activities this year.

KOICA has provided its invitation training program called CIAT (Capacity Improvement and Advancement for Tomorrow) to public officers from different ministries in Rwanda since its establishment in Rwanda, 2011. There are currently 738 KORAA members who are carrying out different activities for the sustainable development of Rwanda by using their knowledge and skills they acquired from the CIAT program.


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