Covid-19 won’t have Christmas-Police Spokesperson

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:15/12/2020 12:20
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Police spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera has advised the public to enhance following covid-19 prevention measures during festive season as the novel virus would continue to spread if given means. The country has recently recorded high numbers in the new cases.

Authorities are attributing the surge in the new cases of covid-19  cases number to reluctancy in following the prevention measures in place.

The country recorded more new cases up to 100, the numbers that were last recorded in August from the recent 1or zero cases that have been recorded.

Police Spokesperson CP John Bosco Kabera 

In the cabinet meeting that sat on Monday this week, new prevention measures have been put in place in a move to curb down the increasing numbers which included bringing back the hours of curfew to 9pm and 8pm starting 22nd December,2020.

Other measures included banning parties such birthdays, weddings among others while conferences and meetings have been reduced to 30 percent of their capacity.

Dr Ngamije, Minister of Health

In a TV/Radio show on different media platforms the end of last week, Dr Ngamije, Minister of Health stated that covid-19’s new cases number is growing alarmingly fast as “we used to have 100 new cases in August. We were gone down to 40”.

This would let anybody fears as Rwandans normally enjoy Christmas and New Years Festivities. It would take more than personal precautions to avoid increasing covid-19 new cases to the “alarming state of covid-19 in Rwanda”