Covid-19: Belgian Infected Doctors asked to keep working as Covid-19 upsurge

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:27/10/2020 15:28
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Belgian doctors in the City of Liège with Covid-19 have been asked to keep working as this virus wave.

Doctors in Belgium who have contracted covid-19 but are not showing symptoms have been asked to keep on duty as the country struggles to contain the new wave of infection which was earlier announced. Experts warned weeks ago that Europe will have to brave for a new wave of virus.

The move as Frank Vandenbroucke, Head Minister says is aimed at fighting new infections which the country termed as ‘Tsunami of Infections’ and is likely to overwhelm the country’s health systems. If nothing changes, the whole Belgium could face a very high numbers of infections.

Belgian infected Doctors in Liège have been asked to keep working

So far, one in three people tested turns positive in the eastern Belgian city, according to sources and Hospitals are transferring patients elsewhere and cancelling non-urgent surgeries.

Already ten hospitals in Liège have requested Doctors infected but not yet showing the symptoms to keep working.

“The head of the Belgian Association of Medical Unions told the BBC they had no choice if they were to prevent the hospital system collapsing within days.”

They are aware of the risk they are taking acknowledged Dr Philippe Devos, the obvious risk of transferring the virus to the patients.

These days, Europe is facing a new wave of Covid-19 where many different people including authorities are getting infected.