Apôtre Gitwaza Says he Refused Flyer's Career Over Pacifying Rwanda After Genocide

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:1/08/2019 10:43
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Apôtre Dr Paul Gitwaza, a leader of Zion Temple Church, announced he, after mass slaughter that occured in Rwanda in 1994, departed plane pilot career for coming to Rwanda to preach love, unity and reconciliation.

Speaking in interview with Gerard Mbabazi of Rwanda Broadcasting Agency yesterday in Zom In program, Zion Temple leader said that he became subjunctive to God since he was 9 years-old, thanks to his ceaseless thirsty of saying grace. 

The,48, leader went on to say that he kick-started to preach good news to people since he was 14, and stressed that he never expects to surrender on the mission. 

Born in Democratic Republic of Congo, the country bordering Rwanda, Gitwaza purported that he has strong bond to Mary, reportedly mother of Jesus in Bible. Because he was born on 25th August, the day on which catholic church celebrates assumption, Gitwaza believes it must not be a coincidence but there is reason behind. 

Having pursued Psychology aspect at University, Gitwaza changed to Agriculture when he was to be promoted in second level, but later in 1993, he left for Kenya to study airman realm. To him, when he heard that Rwanda needed resilience effort after the aftermath of genocide against the Tutsis, Gitwaza refused a flight ticket to depart to Australia to further his studies because he believed that his coming to Rwanda to preach love, unity and reconciliation would save the country, which was left shattered by war. 

'' In that moment, in 1994, Rwanda underwent horror period of a hundred days of mass killing against Tutsis. I heard a voice in my heart, convincingly whispering to me that i had to do something, to narrate stories of love, unity and reconciliation to Rwandans to heal scars of their tattered hearts. That is how i changed my mind and decided to come to Rwanda,'' he narrated, adding, he was scared for the first time and stayed in dilemma for 8 months but he eventually made it. 

'' For the first time, i was very scared and really indecisively wondering if i could continue my studies but i managed to accept that call of God and got to come to Rwanda. In October 1995, I took a trip and came to Rwanda. In the meantime, genocide was over but people were afraid and looked as if they had no hope for future,'' he said. Gitwaza said God sent him to Rwanda to heal scars of tattered hearts after mass killing against Tutsis in 1994.

He further said he had revelation that he would go to a small country where he would evangelize good news, but he disbelieved that, the said country was Rwanda. ''I would say prayers every night, my bedfellow was also a christian. One night i saw a person writing on the wall and asked my bedfellow if he was seeing the same thing i was seeing. My roommate said''no'' and i pretended it was dreams. I asked him to take a piece of paper and jolt down what i was seeing, he wrote until 12 pages.Title of the pages repeatedly said'' Rush to save Rwanda'' and message inside included unity, love and reconciliation. I then cancelled my flight ticket to go to study in Australia''. 

'' However, i already received a fly ticket to Australia, i wanted to go but God insisted to tell me that i was to save Rwanda, when i went to collect the ticket on Thursday, that person who would give it to me, told me to come back the following Monday. On Monday, I went to collect the ticket but an old woman who was around his office said, 'the person you are looking for had a serious car accident and was hospitalized'. I was also scared''.  

Gitwaza convinced himself that he was responsible for the incident since he wanted to escape from God's call, he heard another voice murmuring to him that if he had gone to Rwanda, that person wouldn't have had accident. He disbelieved it again and asked God to sent to him another person for more evidence. He heard another voice saying that the messenger he asked for would come to him within two weeks. 

As two weeks elapsed, church Pastor in Kenya called for him and introduced him to a visitor who  was a blind. The visitor hugged him tightly and whispered to him,'' are you Paul? Gitwaza answered'' yes it's me.'' The blind asked,'' why do you disrespect God? Gitwaza responded he wanted tangible fact from God in order to fulfill his mission. The messenger warned Gitwaza he would face problems if he insisted refuting to go for God's mission to Rwanda.  

Since then, Gitwaza resorted to come to Rwanda. To him, he hardly knew anyone in the country because he had never happened to visit Rwanda beforehand. He also disclosed that he struggled to get a travel ticket to Rwanda but eventually he met God sent woman messenger, who paid it for him.  

However Gitwaza said that he was born in titled family who taught him unprecedented discipline and confirmed that his father was the first founder of Pentecost church in Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Gitwaza said he was raised in titled family which taught him good behaviors 


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