Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show Returns

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:23/07/2019 15:33
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Rwanda cultural fashion show takes place every year, and attracts dozens of people, showcasing Rwanda's traditional outfits.

It returns for its 7th anniversary. Goers of the festival have started to register and subscribe before the shows get started. Having officially opened for the first time in 2012, the cultural performance is alleged to attract fashion exhibitors  whose ages vary between 40s and 50s and models aged between 15 and 20. 

This year turns out to be entertaining and special since alien and native fashion designers are welcomed to participated in casting selection before the festival kicks off.  

Foreign and native fashion designers are going to meet, on 27th July 2019, for the selection which will show competitive designers of local majestic outfits qualified to be showcased in the cultural performance due in September. Registration charges worth Frw3000 for one contender, whilst a concertgoer will have to get their entrance tickets after paying out  Frw2000. Registration is done on www.rcfs.rw.

                             Models were summoned for registering 

Rwanda cultural fashion show is expected to take place for three days, attracting dozens of people, from 16th September 2019. There will be an inclusive visits to fashions and designers at their workplace on the first day. On the second day,  there will be a meeting to discuss outfits that suit the culture of Rwanda.  On the third day, there will be the final and pivotal fashion show, showcasing selected traditional dresses.


Rutayisire Patience


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