Fleury, Bahavu's Husband, Fulfills Acting Dreams

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:17/06/2024 12:18
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Ndayirukiye Fleury, the husband of Usanase Bahavu Jannet, has begun his journey into acting after years of contributing to film production and direction. His writing and dedication to cinematography have significantly enhanced many films, leading Bahavu to become an outstanding actress in the industry.

Fleury made his acting debut in the film "Faith in the Storm," a Gospel movie that he starred in alongside his wife, Bahavu Jannet. The film, which runs for 57 minutes and 50 seconds, depicts the resilience of a righteous person who overcomes trials and tribulations through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In promoting the film, Fleury and Jannet urged viewers to see beyond the cinematic experience and embrace the underlying message of faith and strength. Over 690 viewers praised Fleury's talent, encouraging him to focus more on acting rather than solely on production. They also noted that Bahavu's extensive experience in acting had helped Fleury realize his dream of becoming an actor.

In the film, Fleury plays a man who loses his job but reassures his wife that their household will endure despite the challenges. Bahavu portrays his supportive wife, encouraging him to maintain faith and reminding him that their trials are part of God's plan. Fleury told InyaRwanda that he is committed to acting in Christian films, aiming to inspire others to strengthen their faith in God. He plans to collaborate with religious leaders and create films that showcase God's greatness.

Reflecting on his new venture, Fleury said, "I have entered the realm of Gospel films because my family and I have dedicated our lives to Christ. This journey is extraordinary and fulfilling for me." He also mentioned that he intends to release more Gospel films in the future, highlighting God's power from humble beginnings. Fleury shared that while he has always been passionate about directing, he long envisioned himself as an actor. "These were my dreams, and today I am beginning to fulfill them. It is a challenging yet achievable path, and I will continue to balance acting with directing other films."

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