Bahati Makaca Invests Over 13 Million Frw in Star-Studded Film

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:8/07/2024 10:05
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Renowned artist Habiyambere Jean Baptiste, popularly known as Bahati Makaca, has announced the upcoming release of his new series "Diaspora," which he has been working on for nearly two years with an investment exceeding 13 million Rwandan Francs.

Bahati, famous for his roles in films like 'Mbaya' and 'Zero 2 Life,' has been absent from the music and film scenes for a while, focusing instead on his YouTube channel, where he shares his analysis on various topics. His return to cinema with "Diaspora" marks a significant comeback.

In an interview with InyaRwanda, Bahati revealed that he began working on this series right after his wedding. He mentioned that the story revolves around a young man named Devu who is romantically involved with two women: France, who lives in Rwanda, and Duce, based in the United States. Both women are unaware that Devu has proposed to each of them.

The plot thickens when Duce returns to Rwanda for her wedding with Devu, only to tragically pass away shortly after her arrival. This event sets off a chain of revelations and conflicts, culminating in France discovering Devu's deceit. Bahati emphasized that the series is rich in drama and emotion, showcasing the complexities of love and betrayal.

"Diaspora" features a mix of established and new actors, including Bahati himself, who plays Devu, alongside Ozil, Selemani D'amour, and Claudine, among others. The series was filmed across various locations, adding to its production cost of over $10,000. Bahati has set July 27, 2024, as the official release date and is in discussions with several platforms to ensure a grand premiere.

Bahati Makaca plays 'Devu,' who woos two women, including one from the Diaspora

The film will be released on July 27, 2024