A project to develop fruits and vegetables farming supported by the European Union continues to help young people enter this profession

Author: Nadia Kangabe
On:31/05/2024 10:52
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AEE Rwanda has introduced 22 young people who are going to be helped in the project to develop vegetable and fruit farming implemented in collaboration with Tearfund, with the support of the European Union. This support will be done by increasing the skills of these young people in collaboration with all the different partners they have.

African Evangelic Enterprise (AEE Rwanda) through a project to develop fruit and vegetable farming implemented in collaboration with Tearfund, with the support of the European Union ), who launched a program to develop youth in vegetable and fruit farming. On May 30, 2024, it was the second time that the program was launched to accompany the projects of the youth in the four regions where it is currently working, which are Gasabo, Rwamagana, Kayonza and Bugesera.

According to Mr. Wilson Kabagamba, the director of activities in AEE Rwanda who represented AEE Rwanda in this event, he said after praising the successful cooperation AEE has with Tearfund, the European Union and various partners. this is a program to help those who have good ideas about what to produce and connect them with partners in different sectors to help them implement them.

Wilson Kabagama who is the director of activities in AEE Rwanda

The project ideas of 22 young people were selected to be accompanied in what they call incubation for three months, where 10 of them are male and 12 are female. 

One of the selected youths, Boniface Bazambanza from the Rwamagana district, 29 years old, who used to be a vegetable and fruit farmer, told InyaRwanda that he was happy with this event and that he was ready to make the most of the opportunity he was given. He said, "Since I was a vegetable and fruit farmer, I only wanted to do a composting project because I saw the challenges in agriculture in getting compost. I am going to make the most of the opportunities I have been given and help my fellow farmers''.

Mutuyimana Therese, 23 years old from Gasabo district, who is currently studying agriculture and is one of the chosen ones, expressed her excitement, saying: "I am very happy that I am going to do my project to make environmentally friendly fertilizers. We will make this compost with the help of flies. It's available for a short period of time and comes in plenty.'' 

These young people are going to receive a three-month training to improve their knowledge in the field of fruit and vegetable farming. The manager of this project in AEE Rwanda. 

Uwiringiye Simeon, said that the youth will be given knowledge aimed at expanding their ideas, they will be connected with partners and other institutions that aim to help them in the successful implementation of projects. He also explained that this project also connects farmers with markets in Rwanda, in the District and at the international level, which is why these young people had ideas to solve the problems in this whole value chain.

Simeon Uwiringiye told InyaRwanda that the fact that they are going to do this project for the second time is a good thing because there are lessons they learned last year when they started it and he emphasized that it will go even better. He said, "Now we will take care of what didn't go well last year, then we will improve and see the results, the 22 will rely on their 18 elders and they will help them because they will also produce a good result and we will be happy. There are still a few efforts we are pursuing in collaboration with partners including the regions in which they operate. 

Simeon Uwiringiye the project manager gave helpful advices to the selected youths

He pointed out that AEE Rwanda is ready to accompany the youth in order to solve the problems that are delaying the cultivation of vegetables and fruits, and to help them find markets through the Agency for the Promotion of Exports of Agriculture and Livestock, NAEB.

Nicole Stevens, who represented the Tearfund Community, praised the achievements of this youth program that started last year, and asked the 22 selected youth to continue their studies. She said, “Keep learning and use the little you have to achieve even greater things. We hope for you to do as well as last year and we hope you will do better.'