Renowned Gospel Burundian Artist Apollinaire Habonimana to Perform in Kigali

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:22/05/2024 16:24
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Renowned Burundian gospel singer Apostle Appolinaire Habonimana is set to grace Kigali once again, marking his third consecutive year performing in the Rwandan capital. This time, he will be joined by his wife, Jeannette.

From October 28-30, 2022, Habonimana, famous for his soul-stirring songs like ‘Imana niyo buhungiro’, invigorated the spirits of Christians attending the "Overflow Africa Worship Conference" held at Christian Life Assembly (CLA) in Nyarutarama, Kigali. Sharing the stage with Ethiopian artist Mussle Fisseha and Rwandan singer Gaby Kamanzi, he left an indelible mark on the audience.

His profound connection with Rwandans, Burundians, and other residents in Rwanda was evident, leading to another invitation in 2023. He performed at the 'East African Gospel Festival', hosted by gospel artist Alex Dusabe at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village, known as Camp Kigali, on May 21, 2023.

This year, Habonimana returns to Kigali to perform at the 'Transformation Album Launch' by gospel artist Fabrice Nzeyimana and his wife Maya Nzeyimana. The concert will take place at Christian Life Assembly (CLA) on June 2, 2024.

Fabrice Nzeyimana expressed his admiration for Habonimana, stating, "I invited Appolinaire because I consider him my mentor in music. I want him to see my work, my journey in music, and where I am now. To me, he is like a 'Mentor' in music, so it’s a great honor for me to have him here."

The new album, featuring 15 tracks, aims to inspire transformation and illustrate how Jesus changes lives. Fabrice added, "When you transform, you desire others to transform as well, whether in your home, workplace, or country. This is the message we aim to convey through our songs, words, and actions."

Known for their hits such as "Muremyi w’Isi," "Yitwa Ndiho," "Yesu Kiza," and "Ntawundi," Fabrice and Maya Nzeyimana are preparing to showcase their latest musical creation to their fans.

Appolinaire Habonimana, renowned for gospel classics like ‘Ndacafise impamvu’ from his 2015 album ‘Muri wewe,’ and other hits such as ‘Negereye intebe yawe’ and ‘Imana niyo buhingiro,’ continues to be a significant figure in Burundian gospel music. His influence extends internationally, with performances at major gospel festivals, including one in Canada.

Habonimana’s continued popularity and his upcoming performance in Kigali reinforce his standing as a cherished gospel artist in the region.

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