Over 2 Million Rwandans Set for Historic First-time Vote

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:16/05/2024 17:44
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The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has revealed that over 2 million individuals are set to participate for the first time in Rwanda's upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections slated for July 2024.

Statistics indicate that 9.5 million individuals aged 18 and above are listed on the voter registry. Remarkably, more than 90% have successfully registered, demonstrating a robust civic engagement among Rwandans as they prepare for these pivotal elections.

This electoral cycle marks a significant milestone as it coincides with the commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. Plans are underway to conduct elections across 2,441 polling stations, accommodating a total of 17,400 voting booths nationwide.

In a recent media briefing, NEC President Oda Gasinzigwa expressed satisfaction with the turnout of over 2 million registered voters for the first round of elections.

"We are pleased with the high voter registration turnout and continue to encourage citizens to participate in electoral activities, knowing that a significant portion of our population has registered," Gasinzigwa remarked.

Responding to queries from journalists, Gasinzigwa emphasized the importance of citizen participation in the electoral process, underscoring that individuals have not only the right to vote but also the responsibility to do so.

Gasinzigwa encouraged eligible voters to take part in both voting and candidate selection processes, emphasizing the importance of exercising their rights in shaping the country's future.

In previous elections, Rwanda witnessed substantial turnout figures: 6,897,76 in the 2017 presidential election, 7,172,612 in the 2018 parliamentary election, and 8,130,46 in the 2021 local leaders' election. This year, an estimated 9,500,000 billions of individuals are expected to participate.

Analysis of voter turnout data reveals a consistent increase over the years, with a projected increment of approximately 2,327,388 new voters since 2018.

This surge in registration figures signifies the growing civic consciousness among Rwandans, showcasing a commitment to democratic principles and active participation in the electoral process.

NEC President Oda Gasinzigwa reiterated the commission's call for eligible voters to actively engage in the electoral process come July 2024, emphasizing the significance of their participation in shaping Rwanda's democratic future.

NEC President Oda Gasinzigwa calls on youth to shape July 2024 polls