Migabo Live Concert: Cyusa Ibrahim Unites with Ruti Joël for a Cultural Showcase

Author: Brenda MIZERO
On:1/05/2024 15:09
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Renowned artist Cyusa Ibrahim has extended an invitation to fellow musician Ruti Joël 'Rumata' to join him onstage for the 'Migabo Live Concert,' scheduled for June 8, 2024, at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village [Camp Kigali].

While many artists have graced the stage before, this concert marks a significant milestone in Rwanda's musical landscape. It's not just about entertainment; it's about honoring the nation's cultural heritage and celebrating its musical journey over the past 30 years.

Ibrahim, in partnership with Inganzo Ngari and Ruti Joël, aims to showcase the richness of Rwandan music by bringing together a diverse array of artists. This collaboration underscores the importance of unity in showcasing the beauty of Rwandan culture to the world.

The 'Migabo Live Concert' will feature songs cherished by Rwandans, paying tribute to the resilience of the nation. Ibrahim's heartfelt vocals and Ruti Joël's musical prowess promise to captivate audiences and inspire hope for Rwanda's future.

Speaking on why he invited Ruti Joël to join him, Ibrahim emphasizes the artist's commitment to preserving Rwandan tradition and his exceptional talent in the realm of gakondo music. Ibrahim acknowledges Ruti Joël's invaluable contributions to the music industry and his dedication to nurturing young talent.

This artist emphasizes that tradition is not limited to the elderly, highlighting the aspect that prompted artists to participate in this concert which includes the youth. He says, "Tradition is not solely for the elderly; look at Inganzo Ngari, Ruti Joel, and myself, we are all young. 

So, when you consider this, it's clear that tradition can be preserved and advanced by the youth as well. They will execute it properly. Yes, we respect our elders, but we, too, are capable."

Tickets for the concert range from 8,000 Frw for general admission to 220,000 Frw for VIP seating. Don't miss this opportunity to witness a historic musical event. Reserve your tickets now at www.ibitaramo.com.

Entering this concert costs 8,000 Frw for regular seats, 15,000 Frw for VIP, 30,000 Frw for a front-row seat, and 220,000 Frw for a table of eight; tickets are available on the website www.ibitaramo.com.

Cyusa Ibrahim announced that inviting Ruti Joel is based his excellent role in Rwandan traditional music

Ruti has been performing at various events, including Rwanda Day, and in January 2024, he released his album