Pastor Willy Rumenera of Comfort My People revealed tips to quit addictions and focus on Jesus

Author: InyaRwanda
On:7/10/2023 13:54
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Pastor Willy Rumenera, the founder and CEO of the Comfort My People (CMP) organization, and the CEO of Teen Challenge Rwanda, announced things that would help the people to avoid and get rid of drugs and everything else that enslaves them.

Pastor Willy Rumenera started this battle after participating in two major crusades in the United States of America, including "Living Free" which took place in Tennessee and "Generation to Generation" in Lowa.

"Living Free" was launched to help churches teach Christians and others how to resist anything that would enslave them, while "Generation to Generation 2023" was aimed at empowering the Church to speak the good news of Jesus (Mission).

In an interview with InyaRwanda, Pastor Willy Rumenera talked about the important things they learned that will be a blessing to the Christian churches in the countries where they live. At the top, he said "We must go to the nations".

He continued, "The church must change the 'community' in which it is located (Jesus said to start in Jerusalem). The church must stop fearing because we have a helper who is the Holy Spirit. Zechariah 4:6 He answered me: "The word that the Lord sent to Zerubbabel is, 'Not because' hands and not by power, but by my Spirit,' says the Lord!".

Those things that affect people and addict them include drugs, sex addiction, gambling, smoking, eating disorders, negative emotions such as anger and fear, extreme sadness, depression, frustration, etc.

God's servant Rumenera asks people to focus on Jesus and "change our hearts". He continued, "Only He (Jesus) can change the heart of a person (Transformation). He who was addicted to drugs, will be freed".

Pastor Willy Rumenera, who has helped more than 100 people quit drugs, says in his testimony that he has never taken drugs even once. He said that the vision to help people get out of drug addiction came because of going to preach in prisons where they discovered that many young people are there because of drugs.

He revealed the secret they use to help a drug addict get rid of it completely, saying that he should spend a year in their center without going out, studying the word of God and training him to pray. He announced that those who complete these courses, some of them go back to secondary schools and universities and to other different jobs.

Pastor Willy Rumenera, CEO of Comfort My People (CMP)

These crusades took place in United State of America (USA)