He registered with the Police! The journey of Nkulikiyinka, who dedicated himself to 'Hospitality' and Cinema

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:30/08/2023 12:18
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More than two years ago, a man named Nkurikiyinka Charles who became famous as Umukonyine started breaking things through the movie "Umuturanyi" of the series of Mugisha Emmanuel known as Clapton which is not broadcast on the YouTube channel.

Neighbor, is one of the films that helped people to avoid loneliness, especially when they were going out during the Covid-19 epidemic that took the lives of thousands of people around the world.

'Clapton' once told InyaRwanda that the Covid-19 situation has left him to start thinking about working on a higher level, and showing new talent in cinema, and he sees himself in line to achieve it.

The film showcased the talents of actors such as Nkulikiyinka Charles who became famous as Umukonyi, mainly through his comparison with the life of the people of Mutara.

His talent is unquestionable, even small videos have been shared by many on social media showing his performance.

In an interview with InyaRwanda, 'Umukonyine' said that in high school he studied at the same school as Clapton, which helped him find himself in this film.

“I played with Clapton for about six years in high school. We knew each other, we were friends. He started the movie 'The Neighbor' a little while after I finished the cinema course, when you start something, you get what you need, so he ended up realizing that he needed me."

This man makes it clear that his love for acting is not a recent thing, because he felt it was pure. He explains that it is a long journey, and it made him do his best to be able to put a brick on the cinema journey in Rwanda.

In order to get into film as a profession, this man went to study Cinema at the school 'Kigali Film and Television School' and then 'I got the opportunity to go to the movie 'Neighbor'.

He says that it required him to join the diversity, which made him choose to play as a 'Crowd'. And he says that even though people see him as someone who grew up in Nyagatare, he arrived in Kigali City in 2003.

He is not in any other movies except 'The Neighbor', but he says that there will be more releases in the near future.

Cinema contributed to his rise in 'Hospitality'

Nkulikiyinka explains that starting to work in hotels and restaurants is something he joined 'as a last chance' after he finished high school. In high school History, Economics and World Science.

In April 2014, he started his 'Hospitality' journey and started working at Century Park & Chinese Restaurant.

He already had enough knowledge, but wherever he wanted to work, he was required to have a 'Certificate' confirming that he had knowledge in the field of hotels and restaurants.

In July 2017, he left Century Park and moved to The Hut [In those years it was the most important restaurant in Kigali and was visited by many].

He has been there for five years since he retired in 2022 and moved to Uncle's Restaurant and moved to Giddy Up Bistro from this Tuesday, August 29, 2022. This restaurant is located on Kimihurura in the same building as the dance floor called La Noche.

Nkulikiyinka told InyaRwanda that Cinema played a role in the development of his regular work, so he did not miss the opportunity to shoot the movie 'Umuturanyi' whenever he was needed.

He said, “When there is a filming operation, the producers of the movie 'Neighbor' put it on the line. You see, it's a big movie, it takes a week to shoot, so I do one day and I give everything that is asked of me, it will take some time, and then I come back to my work."

This man makes it clear that whenever someone gives him a job, he does more than what they have agreed on, and rushes through his duties in order to show why he asked for it. “I just want the job done and done,” he said.

He said that he agrees with his heart that acting in films has improved his work in hotels and restaurants, and has connected him to a lot of people including his fans.

He said 'Hospitality is a 'Business' that needs work. "Cinema has increased the number of people I know, and I let them be another page of my life."

Nkulikiyinka says that there is no special secret he shared in life that made him strong in cinema and Hospitaliy, other than respecting those he met at work, and learning from each one. He said, “I am a person who respects people who are better than me, and I try to copy others. I like to ask, and I like to copy.”

He said that he always likes to listen to those who are more knowledgeable than him, so that he can do what they are doing in a short time.

The man says that he is able to separate the life of the characters in the movie, and the daily life of working in a restaurant.

He grew up wanting to be a soldier but he enlisted in the National Police

The man said that he grew up wanting to be a soldier, but his dream faded away.

He says that he feels that he is a soldier because of buying from the families where the soldiers came from and he used to see them often where they lived.

Nkulikiyinka says that when he finished high school, he began to feel that he should focus on other aspects of life.

He initially refrained from answering if he had ever signed up to join the Rwandan Army, but later said that he had signed up for the Rwandan Police.

Nkulikiyinka said that 'there were issues that hit him including the required education' which made him unable to continue. He said, “I had signed up. I passed the registration [...] I had registered with the Rwanda Police, and I had passed the exams...'

He said that he had finished high school, he was studying at the University and he was going to join the Rwanda Police. 

Nkurikiyinka Charles who is famous for his role in the movie Umuturani has announced that he will consider joining 'Hospitality' as the last chance for his life

Nkurikiyinka said that acting in the movie 'Neighbor' came from being a longtime friend with Clapton

'Umukonine' told the young people to love learning and learning from others because it helps in their daily work

Nkurikiyinka Charles was appointed Manager of Giddy Up Biston located at Kimihurura