Unforgettable! List of the 10 most popular movies of all time

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:30/08/2023 11:46
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Due to the nature of the movie, people's emotions are different

Here is a list of the most popular movies of the past that were watched by many and recorded history, and are still being watched;

1. Titanic

The movie "Titanic" is a movie that is popular all over the world because of its story that returns to the love of Jack and Rose. This movie was directed by James Cameron in November 1997, it shows the happiness that the people had while traveling on the ship and also, it focuses on the love of Jack and rose until jack died and more than 1500 others were on board.

When Jack saw that his life was hopeless, he said to the rose, “I promise you will survive, and keep fighting no matter what, no matter how hopeless you are, I promise now. Roza also said "I promise you"

2. My Left Foot (1989)

This film was released on February 24, 1989 and tells the story of a man who was paralyzed in one part of his body and uses his left foot, especially painting a little. 

3. Psycho (1960):

This movie became very popular due to the story of the secretary who cheated me $400,000, when he was in the hotel room where he was staying, he was arrested and immediately kicked out. 

3. Some Like It Hot (1959)

This movie featured two male comedians who disguised themselves as women while being hunted by the police and trying to break it. It was directed by Billy Wilder in 1959.

5. A Separation (2011)

A separation is a movie played in 2011 played by Iranians, a family that showed true love after they faced the problem of having a child with Alzheimer's disease, they moved to another country to take care of the child. the real bond between a child and a parent. 

6. Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)

This film was played by the French, showing how people hated donkeys and bullied them. A lonely woman who was rejected by the people came to take care of her and became her friend so that everyone knew her and loved her. 

7. The Third Man (1949)

This movie featured the American man Holly Martins who is happy to get a job thanks to his friend Harry Lime, but his happiness did not last because he heard the bad news that his former friend died suddenly, he seems disturbed.

8. The Shawshank Redemption

It was written by Darabont Frank and directed in 1994. This film was about two men who were imprisoned for a crime they did not commit, but in prison they became very close friends, continuing to believe that the truth they have and love will open them up.

9. City Night

This movie was written by the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin and played on January 30, 1931. This comedian appeared in this movie and collects all the money he earns so that he can buy flowers for his girlfriend.

10. 12 years a slave

This movie was directed by Steve McQueen and released on 31st September 2014. It stars Lupita Nyongo, a very popular black actress. 12 years old and made a slave in the fields, they show how he grew up badly in grief and wants independence.