Jennifer Lopez came under fire after revealing a secret about her childhood

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:28/08/2023 15:36
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Singer Jennifer Lopez has come under fire from social media users who accused her of using lies to mislead her fans about why she is still young at 54 years old.

Singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as J-Lo, has once again come under fire on social media after she revealed to her fans the secret to keeping her ageless and looking young as she ages.

In a video posted on her website, JLo Beauty, a beauty retailer, the singer said that it's not actually the expensive creams and cosmetics that keep her looking young, but that she has another secret that she uses.

J-Lo has come under fire after revealing a secret that keeps her young

Jennifer Lopez said: "The secret to not aging is that I started using olive oil when I was 23. I drink a lot of water and avoid eating junk food."

The Daily Mail reported that as soon as Jennifer Lopez put out these pictures, they were not well received, as many people immediately said that what she said was a lie and that they knew that she had changed her shape (Plastic Surgery) and changed her face (Cosmetics Surgery).

Lopez said drinking plenty of water is one of the keys to staying slim

Some reminded him that in 2016 he admitted that he changed his face and used nose and lips. This led them to tell him that he should not lie to his fans that his agelessness is due to drinking a lot of water, but tell them the truth that he has changed his face and that it is expensive that his fans cannot afford it.

They reminded her that she was young because she had changed her face

Daily Mail continued that Jennifer Lopez, who is 54 years old, is often asked by many about how she got to this age, and she is only young since she told her secret. .

At 54, Jennifer Lopez is still active