Giants of Africa and Trace Awards! What will Kigali artists gain?

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:28/08/2023 15:22
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One of the priorities of the Government of Rwanda at the moment is to host International Conferences and entertainment events in order to develop the tourism sector in different areas.

Currently, Rwanda as a country is in the third place in hosting international conferences and the city of Kigali is in the second place.

In this year, which is four months to the end, Rwanda is distracted by President Kagame and has received great actions in the world, so that it was not easy for everyone to understand it before it was announced.

Then Rwanda signed a contract with German football club FC Bayern, in addition to Arsenal and French side PSG.

The agreement will last for five years until 2028.

It was announced this Sunday, August 27, 2023 for the first match of this year's games that FC Bayern hosted at the Allianz Arena.

All these activities are related to the program Visit Rwanda. In 2021, RDB announced that three years after the launch of the Visit Rwanda program, the return on investment has more than doubled.

In March 2023, Rwanda hosted the 73rd FIFA World Summit held at the BK Arena.

Later, the Ministry of Sports announced that Rwanda received more than 10 billion Frw from hosting this meeting.

This conference was followed by other major events in Kigali, up to the Giants of Africa, a festival linked to the development of basketball talent.

It was held in Kigali from August 13, 2023 and ends on August 19, 2023 in BK Arena.

It was attended by young people from 16 African countries, and featured the singing of famous artists in Africa such as Davido, Tiwa Savage, Diamond and Tyla from South Africa.

Giants of Africa also featured Rwandan artists, Massamba Intore, Bruce Melodie and Sherrie Silver who performed various dances.

It was not announced publicly, but there is information that shows that the artists who performed at this festival have received significant benefits from those in Rwanda and abroad.


According to reports, Tiwa Savage was paid Frw 150 Million [Some say he was paid Frw 70 Million], Davido was paid Frw 300 Million [Some say he was not paid because he is already a friend of Masai Ujiri who founded Giants of Africa], Tyla was paid Frw 30 Million, Bruce Melodie gets 30 Million Frw and Diamond gets 10 Million Frw.

It was the first time that this festival was held in Kigali. And there are reports that it will happen again next year.

All these artists, after performing at the BK Arena, returned home and swore to Rwanda, showing that they were fed up with the situation they were in.

InyyaRwanda has information that in 2024 this festival will help rapper Aubrey Drake Graham [Drake] to perform in Kigali for the first time 'unchanged'.

This festival has left money in the pockets of Rwandan artists, private businesses, hotel owners, tourists and others.

In particular, Bruce Melodie has taken advantage of a song collaboration with Davido, the fifth richest artist on the continent.

One of Bruce Melodie's promoters recently admitted to InyaRwanda that the song was made 'but it may be delayed due to other priorities'.

Benefits for Kigali artists

Singer Ariel Wazy, who is competing in these awards for the first time, said that going to the Trace Awards is a joy that cannot be explained, because it is one of the awards where African music groups compete.

"I can't find the words to describe how I feel. But it's something to be proud of. I'm proud."

Ariel Wayz agreed that competing in these awards is more than a financial benefit, but a 'special opportunity' for the Kigali singer.

The girl who has been in the music industry for three years said that she grew up listening to African music, so to be in the awards with the likes of Tiwa Savage is something special. "To put it mildly, I was very happy," he said.

Ariel said that she watched Tiwa Savage's recent performance in Kigali, and she learned a lot from her.

Bwiza, who has been in music for two years, said that he is deeply grateful to his fans who helped him get to these awards that will be held in Kigali, on October 21, 2023.

This girl from Kikac said that what is happening to her represents that she is living in a dream that she once had. "I'm living my dream," he said. She said she is confident that one day she will be a great singer in African music

For Bwiza to compete in the Trace Awards, it is a confidence that he can also compete in Afrimma Awards and BET Awards in the coming years.

In these awards, Rwandan artists were given their category; featuring Bruce Melodie, Bwiza, Kenny Sol, Bwiza and Ariel Wazy.

Bwiza explains that being apart from his colleagues shows the effort he has put into music, because there are other artists in Rwanda who have been apart of these awards.

Valerie Gilles-Alexia, Director of Marketing and Director of Trace Awards & Fesival, told the media that they decided to start the awards in Rwanda to show how Africa has a lot to be proud of, as well as to highlight infrastructure such as BK Arena, Camp Kigali and 'other places can host international conferences. "It's great working with you guys," he said.

He said that Rwanda has a good line to promote tourism, and like Trace Africa they have been promoting music for a long time.

Valerie said that one of the reasons why Rwandan artists were given their category 'is that Rwanda is the host'.

He agreed that the first benefit Kigali artists will get from these awards is that Trace Africa will help them appear on the international stage.

He said, "We wanted to help Rwandan artists appear at the International Exhibition. We thought that creating a special category would be good."

He said that they will do everything possible for Rwandan artists to collaborate on songs with artists from other countries who participated in these awards. "It's not just the class they're in, it's going to go beyond that," he said.

Valerie said that they are confident that these awards will be started again in Rwanda next year.

This woman who has been working with this Television for 16 years said that she was happy to be in Rwanda, and was satisfied with the 'good way I was received'.

He told the Rwandan artists that they would do well, and that he has been watching their songs for a while now and it seems that they are at the international level.

Valerie asked these artists to collaborate on songs with others as this will help them to be found on various Trace Africa sites. "They need to treat their job as a professional," he said.

Trace Africa officially launched the 'Trace Awards'

Ariella Kageruka, head of the Department of Tourism and Conservation of National Parks in the National Development Agency (RDB), on Thursday, August 25, 2023, told the media that the Trace Awards competition is going to be held in Rwanda for the first time. a great opportunity for the country, for Rwandans and for artists.

He said that these awards are a good platform for artists to promote their art. He says that the opportunities in these awards will not reach only Rwandans because they will also reach the people of Africa.

He said, "It is an opportunity for all Africans. It is an opportunity for an event to come to Rwanda, an opportunity for tourism, but also an opportunity for us to use this website to promote our country."

The director said that these awards are a good opportunity to get to know Rwanda, and it will be a good platform for artists, the private sector and others.

Kageruka said that the Trace Awards&Festival is going to be held in Rwanda and is in line with the country's goal of hosting entertainment events, exhibitions and more.

He said "The fact that Trace chose Rwanda, I don't think (that) it happened, there was a look at the steps we have taken as a country in developing tourism based on meetings, as well as entertainment activities..."

It is possible that next year the awards will also be launched in Kigali. Kageruka says that every artist, every Rwandan should take advantage of this award ceremony.

He asked Rwandans to support the artists competing in these awards so that they can participate successfully.

Dan, the representative of Trace Africa in the East African Region, said that it is time for the people of the African continent to tell their stories, which is why artists should be supported and promoted, and show their talents.

He said that over the years there have been many African stories told by others. He says that he is proud of the fact that a platform like the Trace Awards has been created that 'gives African talent exposure'. He said, “For us it is an opportunity, and it is good that it is going to happen in Rwanda.

These awards will be presented in celebration of their 20th anniversary. It will be presented on October 21, 2023 at a ceremony at the BK Arena, followed by a music festival that will take place on October 20-22, 2023 at a ceremony at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village known as Camp Kigali.

It aims to honor musicians who show diversity in their musical journeys, who have unique talents, who originate and perform music on the African continent or in other parts of the world.

The awards will feature artists competing in various categories including 'Best Female', 'Best Male', 'Song of the Year', and 'Best DJ'. , 'Best Collaboration', 'Album of the Year' and more.

There will be 25 prizes awarded. Of these 22 prizes will be awarded based on fan votes, while the remaining three prizes will be awarded based on the Trace's Arbitrage Committee.

According to Trace Africa, the artists competing for these awards were selected after last month's in-depth analysis of each artist, special interviews, and looking back at each artist's journey.

We also looked at the number of times each artist's work had aired on Trace's various music streaming sites, and with the help of Trace's extensive team of music experts, they came up with a list of worthy contenders for these awards.

These awards are contested by over 150 artists. So Trace Africa says that it will be easy to choose the artists who will perform at the ceremony.

Director of Tourism at the National Development Agency (RDB), Ariella Kageruka said that the fact that Rwanda is going to host the Trace Awards is a great opportunity for the country and artists.

Director of Promotion and Director of Trace Awards & Fesival in East Africa, Valerie Gilles-Alexia expressed the benefits Kigali artists will get from the Trace Awards

The director of Trace Africa in East Africa, Danny Mucira said that they are happy that these awards are going to be launched in Kigali.

Pernod Ricard Business Development Director, East Africa, Olayinka Elegbede

Ariel Wayz expressed that attending the Trace Awards is a great benefit for her

Bwiza said that his arrival gives him the confidence to appear at Afrimma and BET Awards