Chriss Eazy is prepping performances in Belgium

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:23/08/2023 12:36
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Chriss Eazy, who works for Giti Business Group, is preparing to perform in Belgium at the end of this year.

Rukundo Christian, who is one of the most popular artists these days, has announced that in collaboration with Ak'iwacu presents, he will be performing in Belgium at the end of this year after performing in Zambia.

Through his Instagram, Chriss Eazy has announced two concerts he is going to do before the end of this year, the first one he will do on October 26, 2023 and another concert he will do in Belgium on December 02, 2023.

This artist also has a new song called Stop, along with Bruce Melodie, Ariel Ways, Bwiza, Keny Sol at the Trace awards scheduled to be held in Rwanda where celebrities from Nigeria are expected to participate in the presentation of these awards to be held in Rwanda.

Not long after Chriss Eazy started his music and with the help of Giti Busines Group, he became one of the artists who won people's attention in a short time so that these days many concerts bring together many people and he often appears in them.

Although this artist did not start working on many songs with artists outside the country, he organized these concerts to see how he was treated in other countries after he arrived in Burundi and became the king, even though the song he collaborated with Kirikou was very popular.

At the end of this year Chriss Eazy will perform for his fans in Belgium.

Check out video clip that Chriss Eazy just released, recently.