Kanye West's wife has been kicked out of Italy because of her clothes

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:23/08/2023 10:52
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Bianca Censori, the new wife of rapper Kanye West, has been asked to be kicked out of Italy because of her scandalous clothes that she continues to wear while on vacation.

Ever since rapper Kanye West got married to his ex-employee Bianca Censori, many of the stories that keep coming back to them are their unusual outfits. Especially this woman, she used to be a legend on social media because of her clothes. 

However, even though many people continue to criticize Bianca Censori because of her clothes that often reveal her private parts, it has not stopped her from continuing to wear them. This dress of hers was brought from America to Italy where it seems that it is going to touch her.

Kanye West's wife continues to be known for her unusual fashion in Italy

Kanye West and Bianca Censori have been enjoying life in Italy for a few days and they are also walking around in clothes that have not impressed the Italians. Because of Bianca's dress, some Italians have already submitted petition papers to the police asking her to be expelled from their country because her dress is against their culture.

Some of the photos of Kanye West and his wife are in Italy

According to TMZ, some of those who are not happy with the clothes of Kanye West's wife also gave an interview on one of the Italian TV shows that they don't want to see Bianca Censori walking around their country in clothes compared to wearing 'Vanity' on the road. These battalions asked those in charge to pursue him if necessary and expel him from the country.

Kanye West's wife's outfit got her kicked out of Italy

The Sun newspaper reported that Bianca Censori is not the first actress to be banned from Italy for her clothes, as in 2014, actress Jessica Alba was banned after walking around in a dress that revealed her breasts. It is not yet known whether the authorities had followed the wishes of the Italians and expelled Bianca Censori from the country where she was taking a vacation.