Yvan Ngenzi who became the foundation of Josh Ishimwe's music spoke how they met-PHOTOS

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:21/08/2023 11:55
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In 2021, Josh Ishimwe announced that his entry into music was influenced by René Patrick, in particular Yvan Ngenzi, who trained him to make traditional music with dancing and singing in a way that everyone is proud of.

On the night of this Sunday, August 18, 2023, Yvan, who is a traditional singer, was among the hundreds of people who attended the 'Praises of Creation' Josh Ishimwe performed at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village known as Camp Kigali.

It was one of the shows that had been advertised for a long time. Josh Ishimwe is also associated with the Catholic Church's Chorale Christus Regnat and Alarm Ministries, which is considered the parent of other worship music groups.

Yvan Ngenzi has been in music for seven years. He is currently an artist who collaborates and manages various events and concerts in Rwanda.

He is currently doing a journalism internship at the National Media Agency (RBA), where he is working on the program 'Welcome to Rwanda'.

He is famous for his songs including 'Ntahemuka' from his album, 'Izamarera', 'Urera', 'Ishyanga Yerera' and others.

Yvan Ngenzi told InyaRwanda that four years ago he met Josh Ishimwe, a boy who runs but who likes to sing ikuzungu (in a simple voice, not a Kinyarwanda style).

As soon as he saw how Josh Ishimwe was singing, he thought of helping him but he seems to have put it aside.

It got to the point where his friend (Yvan Ngenzi) told him that there is a kid who knows how to sing and "likes what I do, he showed me that I had seen him."

He said that since "That time I took him, he lived next to me, he was still a small child and we started together, he started when I sang and he heard me, I would go to different events and take him, and so on until he is today."

Ngenzi said that he was not only an artist who helped me find myself in music, but Josh Ishimwe 'was the one who gave me the opportunity'.

"If I was able to give him time or give him time, I wouldn't stop it from happening," he continued.

This musician says that he was not able to highlight the talent of Josh Ishimwe, because it was in God's plan. He said, "There are things that God has planned that must be so."

He continued, "Because even though we say that many helped him, it was God who gave him the gift that he has, so we share maybe a small part and others who continue to this day."

Yvan Ngenzi said that when he saw Josh Ishimwe singing in front of him, he felt that he didn't need to do his own show, because what he did was in line with what he trained him to do.

He said "To see it happening today is a conclusion for me. I feel proud but I am grateful to God for giving us.”

The two artists met on the dance floor singing the song 'Ntahemuka'. Yvan Ngenzi says that he was with Josh Ishimwe and felt proud to see him show his musical journey.

He asked people to support this artist and reach 'a level that others have not reached'. He explains that the participation of people in this show shows that traditional culture is especially popular in praising God.

Yvan Ngenzi is an artist who specializes in traditional music in hymns. He went through different churches such as Urukerera, Indahemuka and others, which was the trigger for him to develop his gift of singing to God in Traditional style.

He has performed various and popular songs including; 'I don't betray', 'I appreciate him', 'You are the king', 'Come back', 'In your chest' he collaborated with Aime Uwimana and Brenda, and others. His name is known by many who attend weddings, especially Christian weddings, as this young man is often invited in the field.

Yvan Ngenzi felt satisfied when he saw Josh Ishime not bowing down to those who tried his best

Yvan Ngenzi said that the first day he met Josh Ishimwe he saw a great talent in him

Josh Ishimwe has often been heard thanking Yvan Ngenzi for being the foundation of his music

Yvan Ngenzi says that people should support traditional music and those who make it

Currently, Yvan Ngenzi is a media intern at RBA Seven years ago

Yvan Ngenzi is in the music industry and manages various events and concerts

Yvan released 'Bamenya' in a move that delighted many who attended the show

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PHOTOGRAPHS: Rwigema Freddy-InyaRwanda.com