Prosper Nkomezi is going to release two albums for the Kigali people

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:9/08/2023 13:11
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Worship and praise singer, Prosper Nkomezi, has announced that at the end of this year he will hold a concert to launch two albums in order to expand his evangelistic tour and meet his fans again.

The singer had not performed for Kigali in his own concert for five years. But for the past five years, he has been appearing in other people's shows, as well as what he did at the University of Rwanda, Huye branch.

He is currently preparing to perform a concert in Mbarara City in Uganda, which will take place on August 10, 2023. It is the first time he is going to perform in this country after the request of his fans and music lovers.

Prosper Nkomezi told InyaRwanda that he has been preparing the songs for his third album for some time, and God willing, he will release each song.

He said he wants to do a concert to promote his second album and the third album he is working on.

He said, "God willing, we will release two albums at the same time in a concert I have before the end of the year. I will announce the dates soon."

Nkomezi who was popular in songs like 'Wanyujuje Ishime' says that he does not yet know how many songs will make up his third album, and he has not decided on its name.

In order to prepare for this concert, this artist has started releasing some of the songs that will be part of his third album, where on the night of this Tuesday, August 8, 2023 he released the song 'Usiogope' which he collaborated with Ngoma Josué.

Ngoma Josué, who collaborated on the song, is a member of the Alarm Ministries group, currently based in Burundi. He co-wrote many of Alarm Ministries' hits.

He put his hand on songs like 'Songa mbele, Mungu Ni Yule Yule, Hashimwe name of Jesus and others.

Prosper says that he released the second and third album together, because his second album called 'I'll Be With You' was released but he didn't release it to his fans.

For him he says that it will be special 'because it has been five years since I have not visited the Kigali people in my special show'. At that time he will perform the show in July 2019.

He said, "If God enables us to work at the speed we want, this year we will finish releasing two albums, 'I will open' and the third one I will touch."

Prosper Nkomezi has an album of sweet songs. And from a young age he expressed his desire to serve God through songs of praise.

He once said that his love for music and devotion to it were some of the signs that showed him that the time would come when he would glorify God.

This young man, who was born in 1995, says that he once broke a jar and put the radio in it so that he could listen to the music. It was a sign of his love for music.

Nkomezi grew up in a Christian family, and spent most of his childhood learning to play the piano.

He sang in the ADEPR Choir before going to Zion Temple. He says that the year 2014 is special in his life, because his uncle allowed him to help him and start music as an independent artist.

Nkomezi once told TNT: 'I had an Uncle who played the piano. He advised me to start music as an artist. He saw me sing and praised me, and that was the beginning of my music."

In 2017, Nkomezi released his first single titled 'Sinzahwema'. His popularity inspired him to further his musical journey.

Nkomezi once said that there was a time when his songs were sung in church and other places where he was present, but people did not know that he was true.

At the end of last year, this artist sang in the concert of Vestine and Dorcas, this year he has sung in concerts including Alex Dusabe's, which he did at the University of Rwanda, Huye branch and elsewhere.

Nkomezi collaborated with Ngoma Josue from Alarm Ministries

Prosper Nkomezi announced that he is working on his third album

Nkomezi says that at the end of this year he will hold a concert to launch two albums