Dana Morey Praised Rwanda and revealed the miracle that touched his heart and announced more in Bugesera-VIDEO

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:13/07/2023 15:11
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The American evangelist, Dana Morey, who is the founder and CEO of the evangelical organization called A Light to the Nations, aLn, is based in Bugesera District where he is expected to attend a men's meeting called "Miracle Gospel Harvest".

This Miracle and Productivity gathering starts this Friday through Sunday, July 16, 2023. It will be held daily from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. There will also be raffles for Cows, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Televisions and more.

When he spoke to the press on Wednesday of this week at La Palisse Hotel, Dana Morey prepared various miracles in this Bugesera gathering, he called on those with various diseases to attend in large numbers and pray for them, and he hoped that God would heal them. "All the people with different diseases came," he said.

He said that this meeting is going to take place after the activities to help the extended family that they have been working on for 2 months in Bugesera. Among the things they have done are building and repairing homes for the needy, fighting drug addiction among youth, giving footballs to schools, fishing races and more.

Dana prepared miracles for these 3 days of gathering. He said, “During those 3 days in the Stadium, the lives of thousands of people will be 'changed', they will receive the good news. We will preach Christ alone, how he works to change people's lives, those who live without purpose and live with purpose.’

He told reporters that Christ's desire "is to bring hope and freedom in the heart and mind". He said, "But we will also preach a complete message and this message will be followed by miracles and signs as the Word of God say.”

This evangelist, who is not required to establish a Church and become a Bishop or Apostle, said that "Last week we were in Rukomo, we saw people with visual impairments, they can see. The disabled walked, the deaf heard.”

He added: "So we are ready for that to happen in Bugesera because Jesus loves his people, he wants to show his love by healing people from wounds and physical pain. For us, this is an honorable and precious thing for us to be a message that changes people's lives.”

The InyaRwanda journalist asked Dana Morey what miracle he did with him that touched him so much, he replied that the answer he was going to say, may not be what the journalist expected. This servant of God said that he was deeply touched by a deceased person who had been suffering from a serious illness for 50 years, and he prayed for his recovery. He said:

I will give you an answer that you may not have expected; there was a lady in her 50s who came to testify in front of 100,000 people. She had never spent one night in her life, she had spent all her 50 years confined to bed. Every morning he hung his clothes, he did it unhappily, it embarrassed him and he did not stop it personally, God save him.

Dana Morey, who recently held an amazing gathering in Nyagatare District where more than 60 thousand people attended every day, said that the thing that touched his heart among all the miracles he has seen around the world is seeing the sick woman lying on the bed, standing in front of thousands of people. 'Thousands testify and boldly.

He says that it was something that maybe someone should have hidden and told the evangelist privately, but the woman decided to stand up in public and say it. “It really touched me because he cared about the outside,” says Dana. I will never forget that because it is not normal for people.”

Dana Morey said that he loves Rwanda especially and wants to bless Bugesera District. He said that Rwanda is a "unique country on the African continent". He said, “It is a diverse country. Whether it is in its creation and its appearance, it has been given an incomparable natural beauty, starting from the sky, it is like Heaven.

Morey praised Rwanda's good leadership, saying, “But the most important thing about Rwanda is that you have gone through very difficult times that other countries have not yet gone through. This country has seen danger, it has seen terrible things. If the leadership has taught this country to get out of the darkness, it will be able to grow the country.”

He says, “The leadership of this country has taught people to love each other, even if they start with hatred and darkness. You ask me "how do I see Rwanda?" So I would explain that it's a miracle to me. There is a unique culture called Forgiveness that I do not see anywhere else in any other country. (…)”

“Secondly, when I'm in Rwanda, I feel safe. This country is clean and looks good and safe, and it is rising in the international market in a good and interesting way”, he added.

The beauty of Rwanda and its good leadership, he emphasized in these words, "Let me conclude what I am saying; I am looking into buying and living here, where we can call our home from the US. Rwanda is our second country.”

In a special interview with Rwanda, Dana Morey said that after the Bugesera meeting, they will follow the meetings in other African countries including Uganda, Burundi and elsewhere. He was also asked how he did evangelism in Pakistan, saying that they had a great meeting based on Zoom. 

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