Josh Ishimwe has released tickets for his show 'Ibisingizo bya Nyiribiremwa'

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:11/07/2023 10:01
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Josh Ishimwe, who is popular in the variety of songs led by "Reka Ndate Imana” which got a lot of attention, is going to hold his first concert; tickets for the show were already released.

It is a concert called "Ibisingizo bya Nyagasani" which will take place on 20/08/2023 in Camp Kigali. It is the first concert he is going to do after 2 years in music. However, the other singers who will join him, are not announced, the only information we have is that it will be soon. 

With 39 days left for the show, Josh Ishime has put his tickets on the market. A single ticket is 5,000 Frw, the most is 250,000 Frw but if it is a table for five people, which means that one person pays 50,000 Frw. 

A Premium ticket is 10,000 Frw, VIP is 15,000 Frw and VVIP is 20,000 Frw. This means that the prices are easy for everyone because from five thousand (5,000Frw) to fifty thousand (50,000 Frw) you can attend the concert of this young man who praises God in traditional music.

Tickets are available at various locations in Kigali. You can find it at Regina Pacis Library, Zion Temple (Gatenga), Bethesda Holy Church (Mountain), Sainte Famille, EAR Remera and Camelia (CHIC). You can also buy tickets on Mobile Money through this code: *182*8*1*604473#.

Joshua Ishimwe is 22-year-old Josh Ishimwe, the eldest of ADEPR's traditional musicians. This young man who lives in Kebeza in Kigali city, says that he likes traditional (Gakondo) music very much and that he will continue to work on it. 

He explains that he decided to do Gakondo because he loves Rwandan culture. He said, "The reason I decided to do traditional is that I love our culture, that's why I want to share what I have with others through the rhythm of our culture that we share as Rwandans." 

'Yesu Ndagukunda' is the song that introduced him to music, which tells the nations of his love for Jesus Christ. He said, "The song I started with contains a message to say that I love Jesus very much. I have a goal to share many good things and it is true that Jesus fulfilled it, I hope you will enjoy it and support me.”

Josh Ishime is going to do his first show