Mikel Arteta reassures Arsenal’s fans

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:26/06/2023 12:01
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Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has promised his fans that in this transfer market their team will perform well enough to give them the chance to win the English Premier League next year.

Mikel Arteta in the last season tried to win the English Premier League only to be elbowed by Pep Guardiola who was planning to have a special year. Arsenal lost the title when they started well and many started to give them a chance.

This team calls itself the swindlers, so far it has not started to attract people in the buying and selling market.

Kai Havertez from Chelsea and Declan Rice from West Ham United are the only ones to have been mentioned so far. Only Kai Havertez is already an undisputed Arsenal player, Declan Rice is not clear.

Mikel Arteta has told BBC Sports News that they are set to have an extraordinary sporting year.

Mikel Arteta said, "Next year I promise you will see an Arsenal you have never seen in the English Premier League.

It will not surprise them because it started last year. I have been in the Premier League for over 22 years. Only next year will be different. Good players, passion, good coaches and money.”

The season saw Arsenal finish second in the English Premier League. What we think is that not enough players are being bought, is answered by the performances of Mikel Arteta.

In the past year, no one knew that Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City would lead the Arsenal team. Just what he did we all saw.

We are all still wondering about the striker Kai Havertez who got from Chelsea and scored only 7 goals all season. Surprisingly, this player is the one who might surprise many by leaving this team. 

https://inyarwanda.com/app/webroot/img/202306/images/declan-rice-to-arsenal-100m-deal-close-rlvlmhxthucd-349111687759497.jpgWest Ham United's Declan Rice is a major target for Mikel Arteta's Arsenal

Arsenal's current undisputed player is Kai Havertez, a German who plays for Chelsea.

Mikel Arteta has promised Arsenal fans that next season their club will be in good shape.