Mama Queen asks God a question about her life in the song, “Nakwituriki” – VIDEO

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:9/06/2023 15:16
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Mama Queen has released video clips for her new song "NAKWITURIKI” coming back to the great miracles that God did for her and brought her out of a bad life to a wonderful light.

This song features Mama Queen’s praises for the equivalent of eight years, because she has found her strength in the moment and became extraordinary both in real life and in the life art. 

Tuyishimire Vestine, known as Mama Queen, faced a difficult life for eight years, and that life made her despair and lost hope for the future. Later, she was enlightened by God's light that gave the answer to her problems. 

In this song, Mama Queen says that she will not thank God because her words are not enough to explain her praise, and that she wishes a place to write about God's goodness, where it will not disappear forever.

In an interview with InyaRwanda, Mama Queen said that she was happy when she was in bed thinking about the life she passed through that changed when God remembered and healed her sorrow and then came up with the Idea of this song, called “Nakwitura iki.”

The singer Mama Queen said, “When I was sitting and thinking about the life I’ve been through for 8 years, I came up with this song.” [translated]. 

“I realized that at least there is a place where God has brought me and I feel like I don't have anything to say or words to express my gratitude for everything he has done for me by singing this song” [Translated], she added. 

This gospel songs singer who is based in Anglican Church says that she grew up artist, but he did not find the way to show her talent as she would like because she started composing songs in 2008. 

Mama Queen is a mother of four children and one of parents who thank God for giving her light after a long time of seeing darkness. 

Click video below to watch the song of Mama Queen called, “Nakwitura iki.”


She is happy that she is passing on his favorite arts because it was her dream but she lacks the means due to various obstacles. Although she says that the journey of art is a consolation, she is ready to sing to God and speak of his greatness so that many know his need.

Mama Queen thanked God for saving her from the bad life she was going through

She is very grateful to her mentor who has been close to him during his musical journey

Mama Queen released a song called, “Nakwitura Iki.”