Zari Hassan talks about dowry she received

Author: Niyigena Antoine
On:29/05/2023 14:55
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Zari has talked about dowry that she received in her wedding which occurred privately.

Zari has talked about dowry that she received in her wedding which occurred privately; she came back to this on social media posts.

A few weeks ago, Zari Hassan carried out formal wedding with her husband, Shakib Lutaaya and this wedding was private as planned by the couple. Now, she has come back to her wedding and talks about gifts and dowry she received. 

The social media influencer, Zari Hassan, has said that she was given Quran as a dowry by her husband, Shakib Lutaaya, while in their Muslim wedding rituals. 

Zari Hassan, a mother to 4 children recently married to Shakib from Tanzania and new developments have been coming out, since then. has reported that Zari Hassan, 42, is doing well in her new relationship and ameliorating about her faith. That is why she demanded Shakib Quran.

She said, “I got all stuff that I wished for in this life. God gave me good life. My children are doing well. My businesses are going well.” [translated]

She added, “I personally demanded my husband Quran because I want to ameliorating my faith. It is true I am Muslin but I hesitate when asking.” [Translated].

Zari Hassan is a popular social media influencer in Rwanda and region amongst social media users. 

Social media influencer, Zari Hassan, has talked about dowry she received received in her most recent wedding with Shakib Lutaaya