Will smith in a new “undawn” video game

Author: InyaRwanda
On:25/05/2023 8:36
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A trailer has been released for “Undawn” featuring the video game version of Will Smith. Smith in the game in character as survivor Trey Jones.

is working on his return to the big screen with the production of Bad Boys 4, he's also soon set to make his mark in the world of video game. Level Infinite and LightSpeed Studios has announced that the open-world survival RPG game “Undawn” a new trailer revealing the first look at Smith in the game in character as survivor Trey Jones. 

This is the video game debut for Smith, who lends his likeness to the Trey Jones character. It's a bit reminiscent of ‘I Am Legend’ as that film also featured Smith playing an apocalypse survivor, but Trey looks to be facing much more dangerous threats.

“Undawn” will be releasing globally on June 15, 2023. Along with this announcement of the game's release date comes. 

By Aline Umutoni