University Students Exposed to AkadomoRw Resellers' Program; invited to participate upon graduation

Author: InyaRwanda
On:22/05/2023 19:30
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On May 11th 2023, Davis College students participated in the first ever University EXPO organized by RICTA, the authority and manager of Dot RW domain names.

The event marked the beginning of an ongoing partnership between RICTA and Universities in Rwanda, aimed at providing early exposure to the underlaying technologies that form the back bone of the internet and highlighting the opportunities for job creation and self-employment.

This initiative is part of RICTA's community outreach campaigns, aimed at generating interest in AkadomoRW among diverse audience, including university students.

After Davis College, the AkadomoRw EXPO went on in the universities namely: ULK on the 16th May 2023, ULINAK on the 17th May 2023 and University of Kigali on the 18th May 2023.

The EXPO in universities set the stage for students to sign up for training on internet technology, domain name infrastructure, marketing & communication skills and various skills set needed at the market place in the domain name industry. These skills will allow students to meet the growing demand for internet-related services needed by business and organizations in Rwanda.

Speaking at the first EXPO at Davis College, RICTA Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Grace Ingabire, expressed her delight at the opportunity to expand the talent pool by attracting university students whose skills will contribute to the development of a robust and dynamic internet community in Rwanda.

"The first step in creating an online identity is by registering domain name, and now is the time for every organization and business in Rwanda to secure their domain name while it is still available," Grace said.

She encouraged Davis College students to develop valuable skills in their spare time and weekends that will allow them to become leaders in the field of internet services, websites hosting and AkadomoRW domain name reselling.

The university EXPO is set to take place at the other universities, including RDA Polytechnic, UR, East Africa University, AU, and UTB.

The partnership between RICTA and universities in Rwanda has the potential to significantly impact the future of internet technology in the country.

RICTA is a not-for profit organization representing the Rwanda Internet Community. It comprises different ICT institutions and individuals. It was formed in 2005 with the objective of managing the. RW country code top level domain and Rwanda internet exchange point. RICTA is a not for profit organization that represent the interests of the internet community.

Davis College students were encouraged by RICTA to develop valuable skills in their spare time and weekends

Davis College students posing for photo with RICTA's CEO, Mrs Grace Ingabire after an amazing brainstorm session on AkadomoRw resellers' program