We Can Emulate Kigali Rwanda: Honorable Oluwabunmi Amao calling for African Governments to give Women the chance to Prove that they are Capable

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:30/04/2023 0:06
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Honorable Oluwabunmi Amao is calling on African Governments to give women the opportunity to show what they are capable of, because she finds that when women are given the opportunity, they do what men do and even more.

Honorable Oluwabunmi Amao, Director General of Center for Black and African Arts and Civilization; which is under the Ministry of Information and Culture; 

She is  inciting men to give the opportunity to women because "We realized that women are not where they ought to be like what they are doing in Kigali, and I’m impressed about the people that are doing this…when I was reading about Kigali, I realized that about 63.1% of women are in Parliament…

which is not like that for other countries. So that is why we are here to talk about what we other countries can do to emulate Kigali Rwanda for them to recognize us as  builders, innovators and how we can tell the whole world that yes we are women, yes we are mothers, yes we are everything.”

In this meeting, women presented many ideas that could lead to the wellness of the country, the world in general.

Different propositions were given to strengthen the potential of a woman in Africa, referring to what has already been done in Rwanda

Men should respect women’s work, ideas and positions. Women should respect each other and help one another reach their goals.

They also reminded that women are also capable of doing miracles, they can do it if they dreamt about it. They don’t need to consult a man to make sure they can do it.

They also expressed concern about the fact that many children look up to their parents, where boys that grew up seeing their mother getting hurt by their father, they would grow up thinking that’s how women should be treated and end up treating their women the same their mothers were treated.

The same concern were raised -up about the girls that would accept to be beaten by their men think that it’s how it done (because they saw how their mothers were treated back in time).

The conference was organized by Abolaji Odunuga, the CEO and founder of Duchess International Magazine, together with Mr. Olayinka Odeajo, CEO and owner of Custodian Global Consult Ltd; they are from nigeria but live in UK.

In the discussions we had on different days of this meeting, they continued to emphasize that they brought this meeting to Rwanda, because they found that they have a lot to learn from Rwanda, especially about how women in Rwanda are valued.

In an interview with Frank Gisha, the Director General of the Department of Tourism in PSF, when we asked how he felt about Nigerians bringing the International Conference to Rwanda instead of taking it to their home country, he said that "One of the reasons why they brought their conference to Rwanda is that Rwanda is safe, Our services have been witnessing our testimony all over the world, about the good governance that promotes women."

He went on to say that during their conversation, they told him that it was amazing to hear that Rwanda has more than 50 percent of women in various sectors, and that they see it as a miracle and they want it to happen to them (their countries) too.

"When the participants come, they use our plane, use local hotels, food,... we do business" adding that it is an opportunity to show them more than what they wanted and more than what they expected of finding in Rwanda because " When they come, it is very easy to do what is called a package, to show them what we will sell to them" because it is different from ordinary tourists who come just to travel, because those who come to the meeting are shown other good activities that can be done before or after the meeting.

Such meetings are also beneficial for various people, including hoteliers, sound system operators, tour operators, and others.

“What makes us happy is that they are our spokespeople, our ambassadors. We were talking about them being our spokespeople, and I asked them to extend their Business to bring people from around the country in their meeting next time, and I saw that they were happy with it..."

The meeting was attended by various dignitaries, many from Nigeria, others from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and other parts of Africa;

Hon. Ajoke Moromoke Aminat Obe, the Deputy chairman of Agbado Oke Odo LGA, who spoke about how the power of technology and innovation is transforming business in Africa; was there.

Hon. Fidelia Salami, director of the Delta State Tourism Board, spoke about how technology and innovation would benefit women working in tourism; was there too.

There were also RTN. Tejumola Taiwo, who spoke about how technology and innovation are changing the way business is done; Mrs. Memory Usaman, a leader in the Horizon Global Summit, spoke about how technology and innovation are affecting the lives of women in the world;

Cynthia Umutoni, a student at the "African Leadership University" in Rwanda, spoke about giving women a platform in technology and innovation in order to promote her.

The International Women's Conference was held in Rwanda and lasted for three days. The first day was held at the Century Park Nyarutarama, the second day was held at the Sheraton Hotel and the third day was marked by a trip to Nyanza to the King's Palace in Rukari, as well as a visit to the Nyanza Genocide Memorial.

The conference ended on the evening of Friday the 28th, in a ceremony held in Century Park, and the "Awards" were presented.

Photos: Serge