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Author: Abitije Seraphin Elise
On:27/03/2023 12:35
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Shining Stars Africa Awards 2023 are designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding individuals and organizations in music, entrepreneurship, science, arts and agriculture who have made remarkable contributions in their respective fields.

The award is open to anyone from African countries regardless of age or gender as long as they have impacted positively on the continent’s development within the last year.

We believe that this initiative will give recognition to those deserving people whose efforts often go unnoticed but play a significant role in developing our nation's economy through their works.

We also hope it will inspire others by showcasing these great achievers so that they too can become shining stars one day. So don't wait any longer, nominate yourself or nominate someone you know for an award today at

Shinning Stars Africa Awards Trophy was uniquely designed and manufactured for the Shinning Stars inception. It signifies the prestige that comes with being a winner of the peak industry awards program

Nomination process is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is go to our website and select the category/categories that you would like to be nominated in.

Then send a message at with two of your pictures, your name, country, and social links. The team will review your qualifications if they decide that you are qualified then they will post a flyer or poster on our social media platforms about it!

Once this happens all that’s left for you to do is tag as many friends as possible on these posts the more tags the better chances of being nominated.

This way everyone knows about it and can help support your cause by liking, commenting or just spreading awareness about it in general which increases visibility even further leading up towards nominations day when votes get counted up from across different categories & awards shows around Africa.

Don’t miss out this chance today, start tagging away now while time still remains available before voting begins later down line near future date set aside specifically dedicated towards those who wish participate within such endeavors via online platforms.

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