Superstars including Marina, Bushali, and Mr Kagame Are Preparing Music Events in Musanze for SKOL

Author: Janvier Iyamuremye
On:22/03/2023 15:35
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The music shows of SKOL BREWERY LTD intending to let the public know and promote its new drink called Skol Lager are going to continue to Musanze district for this very current time, where the popular Marina, Bushali, and Mr Kagame will be on the performing list to entertain those living in that district located in the North Province of Rwanda.

Musanze district is one in 5 districts which form North Province. It was established by the law No29/2005 of 23 December 2005.

Musanze district is originated from former Ruhengeri City, Mutobo District, Kinigi District, 14 sectors of former Bugarura and 3 sectors of former Bukamba District.

It is one among the districts which previously hosted the most popular music shows and events like Primus Guma Guma Super Star, etc and Night of Miss Rwanda.

Musanze District is one of the well-known districts in Rwanda because it is a way by which many tourists use while exploring touristic attractions representing Rwanda, and so on.

For the moment, Skol Brewery Ltd is announcing that is continuing its campaigns which will take place in different provinces of Rwanda known as ‘Nyega Nyega’ intending to promote and market its new drink named ‘Skol Lager.’

These events/shows will take place in Musanze city on Friday March 24th, 2023 and on Saturday March 25th, 2023, from 3PM at Ubworoherane Stadium.

Orchestre Impala, artists like Marina, Bushali, Papa Cyangwe, and Mr Kagame were invited.

The events are going to go to Musanze after these artists induced happiness and entertained well those living in Muhanga District two weeks ago.

While taking place in Muhanga District, Marine was not present because she was not invited. On her Instagram account, she communicated to her fans and followers to not miss the show. To join the show, you are required to buy Skol Lager 2 whose unit price is 1000 Rwf. 

The Show for Skol are going to continue to Musanze after Muhanga

Marina known in songs like ‘Ni wowe’, ‘OK’ in collaboration with Li John is awaited in Musanze District

Impala is on the performing list in Musanze, too

Munyanshoza Diedonne, of Mibirizi song is going to entertain his fans

Joselyne, of Orchestre-Impala was happy when they performed in Muhanga during the events of Skol

Songs that the rapper Papa Cyangwe were liked and admired in Muhanga during the most recent show

Mr Kagame, it reached where he put his shirt off while at the stage in Musanze

These shows intend to market and promote even further Skol Lager drink

Bushali in front of his fans at the stage while in Muhanga

These shows gather many people of different backgrounds together through decentralizing SKOL drinks


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