Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd, with the use of E-commerce it’s delivering goods efficiently and faster.

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:1/03/2023 10:02
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The world today is more about technology it has become part of our lives, and more people use it in a variety of things, and now in shopping

That’s why Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd aims to improve the business to e-commerce, where it delivers the product for those in need in a very short time.

Due to technological advancement and the way people are busy these days and no longer have enough time to go to the market to buy what they need where they are left to use e-commerce and buy what they want

This is why Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd is doing business through e-commerce which has facilitated Rwandans to shop and good services.

Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd, a business company for a variety of products including Electronic equipment, children's clothing, adult clothing for men and women, household appliances, office equipment, sports equipment and many other various other items. Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd aims to deliver its products to customers efficiently

More often when you use online shopping it’s slow to deliver this is what Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd has solved because it delivers things to the buyers and delivers them in a short time and reaches them as soon as Patel Kalpesh, the founder, said their goal is to speed up the supply of goods to the people.

Patel Kalpesh said: “I started Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd I think we are the answer to people who can’t be delivered to their homes as appropriate, I did it and I think they would be able to get the best products that last and reach them in a short time''.

Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd currently has about 5,400 products on their website at where anyone visits and is able to shop and in terms of paying Kanis has facilitated people because they can pay using MTN Mobile Money. For those who want to buy foods they can also buy it at

In addition to also trading Kanis Retail Rwanda Ltd has facilitated traders who wish to trade their goods where they can apply for cooperation through and they may be also traders and deliver things to their customers in a short time. Kanis Reail Rwanda Ltd is currently able to deliver goods anywhere in Kigali.

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ICONA Air cooler ACIL-333 10L WHITE for 75,000 RWF


APPLE IPHONE 13 PRO 128GB for 1,300,000 RWF

Tricycle for Kid for 55,000 RWF


LED CEILING TC 42W 82*23*20CM - WH 2021-0101-TC FOR 120,000 RWF

ICONA ABS ALl in one Solar Power Street Lamp ABS 30W 30W GREY FOR 36,500 RWF

Push Up Stand Ab Crunch Machine Jump Rope Skipping Home Gym Equipment Wheel Roller Push Up Bar for 36,000 RWF

Bic ball pens box - 50 pcs for 6,500 RWF

Von VES1162ES Subwoofer 2.1CH, Bluetooth, USB - 116W RMS for 125,000 RWF

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