Film 'The Bishop's Family' has begun to be screened for people outside Africa

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:6/02/2023 10:48
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The Rwandan series "The Bishop's Family" is one of the most popular today, which has begun to be screened on YouTube for people outside the African continent.

The Bishop's Family is one of the most popular films by Zacu Entertainment known as Zacu - a company that makes a variety of films including the most popular films through Rwandan Television (RTV) as Seburikoko, City Maid, Indoto, ejo si kera, even on Zacu Tv it appears on Canal+ 38 channel.

The Bishop's Family began to be played and produced in the September of 2022. It was first shown starting with the opening of the ZACU TV channel on Canal Plus on the 38th channel.

It has already been shown in Seasons on ZACU TV and is still being played up to a quarter. Each Season has 13 parts that last less than 30 minutes. Zacu Entertainment [on YouTube] started releasing it from the first episode (season).

It was on Thursday, 02/02/2023, that the series film The Bishop's Family began to be shown on the YouTube website of Zacu Entertainment, which is being viewed by those outside Africa.

Fans of The Bishop's Family, living outside the African continent will be watching it at Zacu Entertainment every Thursday at 10:00 (GMT) or 12:00 p.m. at Kigali.

The fact that the film is starting to be viewed on YouTube by people living outside Africa is a big step forward for Zacu Entertainment that prepared it and for its foreign fans who had no way to access Zacu Tv.

Nelly Wilson MISAGO, CEO of Zacu Entertainment, which continues to make films that movie lovers highly appreciate, told InyaRwanda that The Bishop's Family has a good story that people will love.

He also said it has a difference with other films Zacu Entertainment has made, including City Maid, Indoto and Seburikoko. “It’s a good movie that Rwandans expect to watch. It is a well-created film compared to the other we have been working on [.....]".

“The way this was made with many skills and the tools we used are not the same,” he goes on. “Those who will see it, will find it very different in the technical way different from what we already do".

He insists that this film has a lot to change in Rwandan cinema because it was made with more skill and that viewers will see its difference with other films.

The Bishop's Family is a series of 'Drama' the film is about the story of a man named Bishop Dan who preaches the message of God,married to a woman named Jane, Christians treat her as a pagan.

Bishop Dan and Jane had 3 children, 2 eldest son and 2 daughters. Because of the life Jane lived in the past in her young age that continues to pursue her, she must work with her husband to address these issues before her family is destroyed by her past history.

The first episode has already reached Zacu Entertainment [ on YouTube], which describes how Andrew, Bishop's son, wants to move out after his father found him in unpleasant behaviors. It is a hard decision for his parents Bishop Dan and Jane.

In The Bishop's Family, Bishop Dan and Jane's children also face a strong combination of choice of who they follow between their parents. There is a conspiracy against Bishop Dan by his Pastor Phillip whom the do the same job

The film teaches how families should live well with each other even if family members have different problems, whether they are about health or different beliefs. He also teaches the forgiveness of couples and other conflicts that come into the family.

According to Zacu Entertainment's director, the film has been well technically assembled, has beautiful images, and the instruments it used are very different

This is hopeful that it will be able to compete in the international arena of good films and festivals.

"The Bishop's Family" is an international film, according to the producers, based on the fact that it is more skilled than the recent City Maid in The 10 best films in Africa.