Miss Earth Rwanda- Mother Earth needs us! There is an upcoming particular week for the Climate

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:31/08/2022 22:48
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Mother Earth needs us! There is a week that is specifically for the Climate, the event will take place at the Rwanda Museum of Environment at Karongi, in Rwanda.

The event that will take place at the Museum of Environment will happen from 19-25th September, this event is one of the events that will take place in this week which is particularly for the Climate that will take place in New York, a very big International Climate Event known as “Climate week NYC”, organized by Climate Group.

This week of the climate “Mother Earth Needs Us” [in Rwanda] was prepared by Akeza Talent Ltd with partnership of the Rwanda Museum of Environment in Karongi, in order to give the youth part mainly girls (especially Beauty Queens) to participate in caring and protecting the environment where they will be presenting projects, the best ones will be supported by investors.

Some of the activities that will be done during this week are visiting (for the whole week) the Rwanda Museum of Environment at Karongi for anyone that wants to, to do community work and planting trees in the district of Karongi and everywhere else, to visit the Nduba Landfill and water reservoir of Nyabarongo and more other activities that are part of protecting the environment.

There will be a conference to talk about where the Rwandan Environment stands and what’s the part of the girls especially Beauty Queens participating in protecting the environment.

This Event was prepared as one of the Events that will help in the week of environmental care in New York and elsewhere as part of “Climate week NYC”, the activities that will take place in this week will be on the channels of “Climate week NYC” where everyone that will participate on international level will be able to see what’s happening in Rwanda.

The reason for “Mother Earth needs us!”

It’s been a year since we started preparing the beauty pageant considering the environmental protection (Miss Earth Rwanda, under Miss Earth).

But we took time to observe other beauty pageants that take place within the country, they are pageants that helps the girls in many ways like building their confidence, getting jobs, reach their dreams, get investors for their projects, and more. But this is always done in only that one year of winning and for those that don’t win sometimes their dreams stop there so this helped us think of what we can do for this to be for a long time not only for that one year.

As the girls that attended the pageant they are made public figures and this leads them to live the life style that isn’t their usual life style, which may also lead to people trying to use them in other many (normally bad) ways that they can accept to because of luck of choices

In particular we will be focusing mostly on the environmental projects because we need a healthy environment and even other projects can’t go through without a good environment, without a safe place to live.

We all know that many of our activities harm the environment by say the environment I also mean the climate, so the pageants winners (in different local and international beauty pageants here in Rwanda) as youth and public figures, can help change a lot as they will also be providing projects to make our environment in a better condition.

How the event is prepared:

“Mother Earth needs us” is an event that’s starting this year but we wish that it can be a yearly event. The event will be happening on 19-25th September, the dates have to meet well with the main event in New York, “Climate Week NYC”.


1. The starting day an Opening Ceremony with a “conference “ discussions on the Climate and how the Rwanda Museum of Environment was started (official visit of the museum): 19/09/2022 from 9h-15h.

2. Talk about the projects of the girls and how they can be funded (During the week)

3. Visiting the Rwanda Museum of Environment for the leaders and Governmental officials and other different people (During the week)

4. Visit the Nduba Landfill, and Nyabarongo Water Portal 23/9/2022 from 9h-13h.

 5. To do community work at the Rwanda Museum of Environment and surrounding, plant trees and community work at Kivu 25/09/2022 as closing event.

In all these activities the girls will be lead by Miss Earth Rwanda who will also present her project of food waste Management.

It’s an international event which means anyone who has an environmental project or wants to invest in the environment can know this event is happening, environmental projects of our Beauty Queens and know as well the Rwanda Museum of Environment of Karongi.

Where we want the project to reach

To all people especially the youth as they still have the strength and 57% of people are under 50 years.

This will help Rwandan environmental projects to go viral

The Rwanda Museum of Environment of Karongi will be known and this will enhance the increase in visitors.

The girls will be able to show their projects to the investors and the partners.

It will help in protecting our environment

The Rwanda Museum of Environment of Karongi will also be part in great funding action for the girls’ projects

And so many others

The event that will be taking place in that week adding the interviews they will help the Rwanda Museum of Environment of Karongi to be internationally known by many people and for the girls projects to be presented to people.