The 5th meeting in partnership with news release between China and Africa took place in Beijing

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:29/08/2022 23:47
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From the 25th to 26th August in partnership with news release of China and Africa that took place in Beijing in China, in ways of accessing internet.

This union was prepared by radio and television of China, Government of Beijing and the news release of Africa in general. 

The 240 messagers from the state, the news release companies, project that prepare sounds and visuals, diplomats from China and the 42 African countries.

President of China Xi Jinping and president of Senegal Mackey Sall they sent a thank you letter to this union where they said how this union has a big part in the news release of both China and Africa, to enhance the learning of both China and Africa and to emphasize the partnership of both news release.

Yves IRADUKUNDA the secretary of MINICT was invited to the union.

On part of the union he said that he is excited for this 5th union between China and Africa.

In ten years that Rwanda joins the union same as all other African countries it benefited from the union in terms of news release.

In order to improve communication between Rwanda and China he said “Rwanda is in second place in Africa as a country that makes it easy to invest says the report from the world’s bank in charge of business in 2020, we have hope to see more Chinese society invest here for example Companies that manufacture TVs, modern business projects this will help in prices, this will also be an answer to the African markets.

This year was the celebration of 10 for this union they are happy for what is going on so far, in this case both parties have introduced easy communication about politics and better communication between them.

The project of Satellite TV for 10000 village in Africa and Integrated Digital Switch-over Project fastened the improvement in communication in Africa.

China also has put on a training for news release from Africa The partnership between both China and Africa is continuing to grow and going on well.

News release of both China and Africa is taking a big step ahead 

In that ceremony of two days there was an exhibition of the 10 years between China and Africa (2012-2022).

The theme was “new directions, new development and new partnership” the union did some conversations on politics to develop news release, partnership for creating new things and use of new technology and joining numbers.

They came to five decisions including developing communication, support the development of the whole world, say news about the friendship between China and Africa, developing news release and support news in youth.