Disney’s Snow White dancer and actress model dies at 101

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:23/10/2020 13:46
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Disney’s actress and dancer, Marge Champion died at 101 on Wednesday in Los Angeles declared his son Gregg to NewYork Times.

Marjorie Celeste Champion best known as Marge Champion was the Model for Disney’s iconic Snow White character, and a dancer in most Disney’s movies.

 She started her career in her early age as a dancer and most of her movies she appeared as dancer.

She had been hired as a dance model in Walt Disney Studio animated films at 14, and later as actress and dancer in film musicals.

In 1957, she had a television show based on song and dance.

She married Gower Champion 1947 and had two sons Gregg and Blake Champion.

Them together, have had lot of success in dance together as they appeared in different films and dance performances together. They divorced in 1973 and Gower Champion died in 1980.


Before Champion, Marge married Art Babbitt and after Champion she married Boris  Sagal and divorced him in 1981.


Character model for Walt Disney’s animated figures in animated classics Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio and Fantasia; she had been in other movies.


Some most popular movies she appeared in are Honor of the West in 1939; Everything I have is yours in 1952; Give a Girl a Break in 1953; Three for the Show 1955; All women have secrets in 1939 and many more.