Safi Madiba’s Ex-wife Shows off New Engagement Ring

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:15/10/2020 21:37
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Inyarwanda has found out why Safi Madiba’s Ex-wife placed an engagement ring on her finger.

Judithe Niyo Nizera -who married to music star, Safi Madiba, was spotted in Kigali acting in her own movie dubbed’’ Za nduru.’’

The Canadian-based Rwandan was spotted in Kigali few days ago. She is said to be acting in the movie. She sneaked into the country secretly few weeks ago and people have begun to wonder what she has been hiding from them. Close source told Inyarwanda that she is making a compilation of movie that include singers, participants of Miss Rwanda’s competition and producers.

 Safi Madiba parted ways with Judithe

Since Judithe posted her ringed finger picture on social media she wants to make people believe that she has fallen in love again with someone after she ended relationship with Safi Madiba.  Our source further said that the picture was taken while she was having her movie shot in Kigali. According to her acting in the movie she must be the heroine. One of Judithe’s friends confided to Inyarwanda that Alexis Muyoboke is on top of men who played important role in the movie.  

‘’ Yeah, Judithe has been in Kigali preparing her film she named Za nduru. She co-starred with various famous people and it is a good film that tells about music and other aspects of entertainment. I believe it will make a difference,’’ she told Inyarwanda, adding that she has uncertainty that Judithe became engaged again because the picture which was posted on social media was photographed while shooting the movie. 



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