New Promising Artist, Ivy Releases Fresh Single-Hallo Hallo

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:13/10/2020 19:58
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New promising artiste, Ivy has dropped a hit video which convinced music lovers.

Music stars are born every year, be it boys or girls. Something interesting is that they all look to promote Rwandan music. New talents are shining as peer are eager to put a foundation stone on the realm that had been played down by many people in some decades ago.

Ivy Kerubo proved herself that she expects to make a difference after she at once released three songs within a month. The girl who lives in Kenya aims to put more efforts in producing music in a bid to achieve big for this year.

The Hallo hallo singer has received a widespread recognition thanks to her songs such as Nipe and Mama Africa.  After the song came out many people commented that Ivy’s performance on stage is breath-taking while others appreciated her vocal talent.

The 20 years-old, Ivy told Inyarwanda that she loved singing since she was too young. She continued to narrate her story that she participated in dozens of school singing competitions and fashions.

‘’ I promise that I will never let down my people because I am pretty confident that they are going to like my songs that I am releasing soon. I undoubtedly believe that God will support my plans,’’ she told Inyarwanda.  

Ivy is one of students at the University of Kenya. She began singing at a very young age when she was studying in high school. She later came to find out that she had to convert her talent into profit and decided to invest her time and efforts in singing. 

Press here and watch Hallo hallo by Ivy




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