The Pink Drops Fresh hit-video featuring World Superstars

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:11/10/2020 19:22
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The Pink released a fresh hit featuring famous rappers on the globe after she previously appeared in Africa video.

Real names, Clarissa Uwimana has made a great move for music after she collaborated a fabulous song with African music superstars. The Cypher hit maker proved her potential again as she unveiled another single co-starring world stars.

The HipHop singer entitled the new song’ Kingdom Queens Cypher. She confided that she got inspiration from a Nigerian Dj Penny’s idea. Produced by Sydneyondabeat, the track has brought together renowned rappers such as Miss Walters from Ghana, Keasha(USA), Lady Pink(Rwanda), Luki247(Malawi), TC(Zambia) and Lady B from Nigeria. This song comes after Queens Cypher music which was made thanks to Zambian Dj’s idea.    

Looking to receive a widespread recognition of her music, The Pink released other songs including Ituro, Intwaro z’Imana, You love me featuring NPC and Columbus, Hold me ft Edie Mico, Ikiganza cy’Uwiteka collaborated with Gaby Kamanzi to mention but a few.

Speaking to Inyarwanda she said that she feels proud of moving up her music. The former secular musician continued revealing that she couldn’t believe her songs would get social recognition worldwide.

‘’ At the very beginning, there was a church here in Rwanda that I joined in order to begin singing, one man stopped me and said that he liked my talent. He promised me that he would help me take my songs to Ugandan televisions. He didn’t lie to me because he kept his word until I began hanging out with one of Ugandan journalists and eventually formed a strong unity for gospel songs,’’ she said.

 She further said that she continued conversation with that journalist until he helped her get connected with people from Zambia and Malawi. Through the conversations, they learned that they could begin working on some meaningful projects such as the one of which idea was brought out by Timothy from Zambia. To Timothy, female rappers were to work hand in hand.


The evangelical restoration church believer added that she was buoyant to have encountered with other female rappers who are confident enough to thrill gospel song lovers.

‘’ To me, I have been pleased so much to have been part of this project since I had feeling that I would collaborate with foreign singers before this year began,’’ she said.

At first, she thought she would work closely with rappers from DRC and Burundi but she became so much surprised that people from overseas also wish to appear in her music.  

‘’ So, it is clear that God made a way where I could never see with my eyes. We look to see a lot of changes for gospel female rappers, working hard and making great things. We wish to lay a foundation stone on evangelism,’’ she told Inyarwanda.com.

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