Liliane Mbabazi Says she Can’t live in Kigali

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:9/07/2019 12:35
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Liliane Mbabazi, An African singing star, opened about why she prefers living in Uganda to Kigali

She disclosed that she possesses far more treasures in Uganda and that she can’t leave them behind-in spite of her continuous wish to live in Kigali, where she considers as a city of her dream. 

           Liliane Mbabazi wears eye glasses and stands in the midway

Liliane Mbabazi, born in Rwanda but spends much of her time in Uganda, has made music history in Uganda thanks to her vocal melody. She arrived in the country, where she looks to perform at the Ikaze Night Party, organized by Ubumuntu festival, due on 11th July.  

During a press conference held at Kigali memorial site yesterday, Liliane rued she can’t live in Kigali, to her, she values her achievements in Uganda. She added that she also left Blue 3 music band to sing alone.

‘’ Rwanda is my home country, you all know that, my family and friends live here but my job and property belong to Uganda, maybe I have to come for a short stay but I can’t live in Rwanda,’’ she boldly uttered, adding that she happened to have a music break for a while, but returned to do music projects from the beginning of 2019.             Lilian Mbabazi said she can’t move her home back to Kigali

 Liliane, 34, said she encountered various downsides working with Blue 3 music band but managed to brave all the challenges, to her, challenges make a person much stronger to fight for life.

‘’ I left Blue 3 because I wanted to sing alone, I bumped into difficulties doing music alone but there are ups and downs in life, we need to go through them as singers and move forward,’’ she said. 

Blue 3 music band was founded in Uganda, in 1994, by three females, namely Jackie Chandiru, Liliane Mbabazi and Cinderella Sanyu. They rocketed sky to fame after they launched their album dubbed HITAJI, which included singles like Frisky, Tomalaako just to name a few.   


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