Juvenal Becomes New President Elect of Kiyovu Sports Fc as Francois Goes home empty handed

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:27/09/2020 18:49
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Juvenal Mvukiyehe won election today to rule Kiyovu Sports for three years. Former president, Francois was denied second chance.

In voting that has been awaited by dozens of fans, Juvenal edged his opponent to win a mandate of three years, ruling the team.

The voting took place this Sunday, looking for suitable man to replace Francois Mvuyekure, who is said to have failed to fulfil his duty of leading the team to victory.  

The voting underwent misunderstanding between two sides. Juvenal’s side wanted him to win, while Francois’ side wished that he with his committee would be given chance of doing better. To them, their past achievements were not too bad. 

Juvenal Mvukiyehe posed with Olivier Karekezi in a picture

Juvenal won election with 84 votes out of 84. He was a single candidate in the voting because Francois, who would challenge him in election, wasn’t given more chance of competing as a flawless candidate in the voting. 

Juvenal Mvukiyehe is appointed as a president of Kiyovu Sports after he previously acted as transfer manager of the team.   



Rutayisire Patience


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