Does it make sense to allow a pregnant Girl to Stay at School?

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:9/08/2019 9:34
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The debate on whether pregnant teenagers should stay in school raises a lot of issues. But the common English adage 'a rotten apple spoils the barrel' is a good start in this case.

A pregnant teenager should stay home until she gives birth so that her presence won't be an encouragement to her peers to also indulge in premarital sex just because they won't be sent away should it happen to them.

If schools do not have policies on pregnant teenagers in school, then that’s a bad move. It’s an indication that girls having sex at an early age is fine. And this is where we cannot afford to ‘spare the rod’.The only way teenage pregnancy can be controlled is by being tough on these kids and emphasising the dangers associated with sex at a tender age. If there are any schools that let pregnant girls continue with their classes like it is not a big deal, they should brace themselves for the many more that will surely follow.

The argument that it’s her right to education and therefore, she should continue with school till she’s ready to give birth is lame. At the end of it, she will miss school either way because she will have to take some time off after birth.

Pregnant girls should stay home and go back to school after giving birth because other than the bad message her presence would send should she walk around with her bulging tummy, she will not handle the glares and scrutiny from other kids.

She should stay away from school because she will not be able to deal with the stress that comes with discrimination from students, teachers and other parents that come to pick up or drop their children at school.

Its one thing to be the talk of the town or village, and it’s another to be a live example in biology during sexual reproduction class.

With the common cases of high blood pressure caused by pregnancy, it’s a risk if she continues with school. Her growing belly will be the centre of attention at school and this is bound to affect her performance and she might eventually drop out on her own. Teenage pregnancies are far riskier than pregnancies in older women because they are way too young.

According to online experts, teenage pregnancies pose more risks like going into labour early. In most cases she is likely to go in labour 37weeks earlier. What will a teacher do if she goes into labour during class?

Therefore, to save the girl the trouble, its better she stays home and returns to school after she has given birth.


Rutayisire Patience


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